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EM Digital Voice Recorder Model B7

EM Digital Voice Recorder Model B7- An Excellent DVR

Digital Voice Recorder series operating within 300-3400 hz frequency band and sample rate 8000 kHz in flash memory

Digital Voice Recorder Model B7 is useful for professional and personal recording of voice messages. Its unique features are that it is of a very small size, low power utilization and long record timing. It is a highly sensitive voice recorder with built-in microphone. It is available in wide dynamic range. There is a calendar with an actual time document. The recording time is consistently very long, but it varies from model to model like from 18 to 300 hours in the sample rate of 2 bit ADPCM and 8KHZ. You can connect it with your computer through USB support.

Software is provided for this voice recorder that works under Windows 2000/Xp OS. This supplied software makes it possible to set DVR parameters, and use it in the form of 128-2048 MB flash-Disk. It allows for the storage of files along with its transfer. You can update your digital voice recorder firmware with the aid of this software. There is an enabled voice activation system (VAS) that increases the actual length of the record time. It saves the memory during pauses. As it does not feature any moving parts, this voice recorder is well-organized in conditions of shaking, broad band of temperatures and dust content.

You can connect it to the computer with the help of a small adapter. The supplied software of this voice recorder permits the user to save the recorded message in the standard “sound files” using “wav” format. Your recorded message is displayed to you in terms of date and time. The user interface of this recorder is great. It makes use of DVR to store and carry some computer files of 128-4096 Mbyes varying model.

 The EM Digital Voice Recorder Model B7- An Excellent DVR can operate safely in different environments without any special kind of equipment. It features are unique and wonderful. Recording capability of DVR S type is great because it offers recording capability on two channels simultaneously.  DVR of SM makes use of external flash-memory and its SmartMedia cards have different capacity. DVR of SF also utilizes external flash-memory and its SmarFlash cards also of different capacity.  All remaining DVRs are built in flash memory.

Its battery life is 14 hours in record mode and of one month in its stand by mode. Its great power source is battery CR2016. The minimum voice storage capacity is of 1120, 2240, 4480 and 8960 minutes. Its voice storage capacity in hours is 18.7, 37.3, 74.7 and 149.3. Other models available are B7-75h (4480), B7-37h (2240) and B7-150h (8960). This voice recorder operates within 300 to 3400 Hz frequency.

DVR operation modes always indicated with LED indicator. It is operated with two buttons. It acts as great flash-disc that enables you to store as well a transfer any kind of data on it. It can be utilized for both purposes to record your messages and as a flash disc. It has great memory space to record your messages. It also has flash-disc that is being set by you.  Each record is made with DVR marked with start time and date of recording. It also allows you to make possible modification of your recoded file.


Each record is made with DVR marked with start time and date of recording. It also allows you to make possible modification of your recoded file.


  • DVR of S type provides recording capability in "Stereo" mode on two channels simultaneously.
  • DVR of SM type uses external flash-memory - SmartMedia cards of different capacity.
  • DVR of SF type uses external flash-memory - SmartFlash cards of different capacity.
  • DVRs of remaining types - built-in flash memory.

Battery life in record mode, hours 14
Battery life in stand-by mode 1 month
Built-in FLASH memory size, MB 128, 256, 512, 1024
Case Plastic
Dimensions, mm 24.5 * 50 * 4
Power source Battery CR2016
Voice storage capacity, min 1120, 2240, 4480, 8960
Weight, grams 5
Voice storage capacity, hours 18.7, 37.3, 74.7, 149.3

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