Engine-powered swimming and diving: explore, have fun and… fight!

The manufacturer calls them “marine luxury toys” and in fact, some of the vehicles produced by the German Stuttgart-based factory Cayago, such as for example the Seabob model, are perfect for leisure, both on water and under water, for wealthy holidaymakers on tropical beaches.

This small electric-engine vehicle, powered by a rechargeable battery pack, is basically an hybrid between a jet ski and a bodyboard like the ones that children use when they learn to swim; thanks to its agility and flexibility, it gives you the unique opportunity to explore coasts and reefs just like dolphins, happily and quickly jumping on the water, or silently and swiftly diving among coral formations and astonished tropical fish.

Now, the manufacturer is about to launch Cayago Magnum, a pumped up version of Seabob, capable of reaching underwater speeds of up to 30-35 km/h, with a 10-speed electric engine and a 4-hour operating range.
With such characteristics and features, Cayago Magnum has naturally raised eyebrows among armed forces and intelligence agencies, which see its performances and features as a perfect match for covert sabotage operations or frogmen commando attacks.

Among its features, we should also mention its navigation and orientation system which makes it suitable, for example, for night missions, by keeping it in constant touch with its operating base. Cayago Magnum is not yet on the assembly line, but its estimated price should be somewhere in the 10000 Euro region: not exactly a toy for everyone!