Can’t find your way on foot? Here comes the pedestrian GPS navigator!

Pedestrian Navigator

If you venture into an unknown city using your car’s GPS navigator, and your destination is in a pedestrian area such as an historical centre, you may have trouble finding your way once you leave the car, and most of all, you may not be able to remember where you actually parked it (your writer had this kind of experience in the center of Dusseldorf, so believe me, I know my stuff…).

To face this kind of problems, you may now find on the market a new kind of personal navigation system, manufactured by Navigon and coming with a “last mile” function, useful to guide you to your destination after leaving your car.

Once you park, just activate the relevant function, and the navigator will literally lead you step by step, while the car’s position is conveniently saved, for you to comfortably locate it on your way back.
While in pedestrian mode, some functions designed for usage on a car are automatically switched off, thus saving on battery life; on top of this, the route is displayed from the pedestrian’s point of view instead of the driver’s.

This kind of GPS navigation systems is useful not only for a touristic usage, but also for couriers delivering goods in an historical centre, as well as for investigations, when the detective must follow a target without arising unnecessary attention and suspicion. In such cases, it is also useful to store the target’s movements.

For more details on several types of GPS locators for investigations and surveillance, you may visit the Endoacustica website.