Heavy or dangerous jobs? Delegate them… to a robot!


When precision and reliability must be absolute and beyond doubt, and the slightest error can cost dearly, we humans always face, like it or not, the possibility of an error. And if this error can even cost us our life, a wise move can be resorting to technology, more specifically robotics.

To handle dangerous or hazardous vibration-sensitive materials, for mine sweeping in war zones, for recovery of casualties or wounded soldiers, to transfer patients from one department to the other in a hospital, to inspect unstable buildings, and in short for any kind of job that might be too dangerous for a human, or where one needs to be firm and delicate at the same time, Vecna Robotics is working on the project of a robot called BEAR.

The exclusive technology governing BEAR is made up of three main elements: a powerful hydraulically-controlled upper body; a motion platform with independent “legs”; and last but not least, a dynamic balance system. Thanks to the combination of these three elements, BEAR can guarantee an absolute balancing in any operating condition.

BEAR is currently in advanced planning status, and a prototype has been built, which was demonstrated at several international exhibitions where one had the chance to witness a demonstration of its capabilities under different operating conditions and in various positions.

The BEAR project has received funding from Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC) of the US Army.


Watch BEAR Video HERE