LG is launching its first cellphone with Android open source OS

LG has just published its project for a mobile phone working under Android, the Google-owned open source operating system for cellphones.
The LG GW620 model, which should be available on the market before the end of the current year, is a smartphone that caters both to experienced users in this field, and to novices or those who purchase their first smartphone.

According to the partial information provided by LG, their GW620 will feature a 3-inch touchscreen type display, with a sliding QWERTY keyboard (for those few who do not know, the keys layout is exactly the same as your home computer). Furthermore, it will also be equipped with a small stylus, allowing for a more accurate usage of touchscreen than when operating only with fingers.

The multimedia aspect will be covered by a 5.0 megapixel camera, an embedded GPS navigation system, while as far as connectivity is concerned, it will be equipped with one-touch email access, Wi-Fi and HDSPA protocol.
By integrating the LG proprietary S-Class user interface, LG GW620 will be easy to use both for experienced smartphone users (and for those who already used LG) and for novices; it particularly caters to the social networking aficionados, with a direct access link to their accounts on Facebook, Twitter and so on.

If you want to have information about price, unfortunately it has not been published yet, but just wait a few months until the end of the year, to try out the new LG GW620… and to find out how much you should pay to take it home with you!