A mini digital video recorder that works underwater and in the dark

DVR 510

Some weeks ago, we have showed you the latest model of digital video recorder by Flip, a manufacturer which is also inspiring its competitors for the launch of their new products. Vivitar has just introduced a model which, though with a smaller memory capacity compared to Flip (4Gb vs. 8), sports some characteristics which make it unique.

The size is equally tiny, and within just 11 by 6 centimeters, DVR 510 has all the features of a high-end miniature video recorder: a 1.8” display, 8X digital zoom, a built-in USB connector just like its competitors’ namesake, a 640×480 pixel resolution in AVI format, a TV output and a 2Gb in-built memory which, with a MicroSD card, can be expanded up to 4Gb.

What makes it one of a kind, though, is the night vision and, most of all, its waterproof shell which makes it suitable for shooting underwater footage. In fact, DVR 510 can be used at up to 5 meters of depth. It is by no means a professional underwater camera, but can surely be a useful accessory to shoot memories of your adventures during your seaside holidays.

Infrared night vision makes it suitable also for a wide range of potentials, such as a useful support for surveillance operations, or as a hidden camera for night videos, both leisurely and professional. All this, furthermore, comes at a very reasonable price. In fact, the retail price of Vivitar’s new toy starts at 50 dollars.