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Model B22

THE SMALLEST RECORDER B22 This recorder is the smallest on the market. Its size is only 6x25x31mm, but it has high-level features and can record up to 300 hours of conversations with frequency... More details...

Model B25

DIGITAL VOICE RECORDER B25 The digital voice recorderB25 is able to generate high quality audio files which can be transferred to your computer easily. This DVR is intended for professional recording ... More details...

Model B26

INNOVATIVE VOICE RECORDER B26 The DVR B6 has small size and light weight, long record time very low power consumption, wide frequency range wide dynamic range and a highly sensitive built-in microphone. More details...

hidden night dvr in a clock

NIGHT CAMERA IN AN ALARM CLOCK A tiny camera hidder in a fully functional digital alarm clock. This is one of the most innovative Endoacustica Europe's products. The camera record high-quality video also in the .... More details...

sportcam action camera

SPORT CAMERA Record and review their heroic actions is the dream of all the sportsmen. This is the perfect camera for those who always want to achieve the best of audio and video quality from their footage. More details...

Digicell 280-USB

MINI DIGITAL VOICE RECORDER Digicell 280-USB Utra-light digital micro recorder with 2GB flash memory, four recording modes and multiple audio format support . This recorder allows to record up to 280 hours. More details...

hidden dvr in a pen

DVR PEN The pen can record video in high resolution (1280x960 pixels) in real time with clean and clear audio thanks to the presence of a pre-amplifier microphone with high sensitivity. More details...

DVR MDAV The micro recorder touch screen is ideal for easy recording of video and audio data both from an external source and directly from the video camera and the built-in microphone. More details...


PENREC: THE PROFESSIONAL It seems as a common pen, but it hidden inside a video recorder of hight quality. The pen can record in real time clear audio thanks to the... More details...

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