Mission Impossible: Breaking into the safest USB drive on Earth!


When you use a USB flash drive, you have basically two main reasons of concern: the first is that the handy stick may inadvertently serve as a vessel to spread viruses, malware or spyware, thus infecting computers on which it is used, and the second is that the stored data may end up in the wrong hands in case of loss. The solution exists, and it is called Iron Key.

All data stored on IronKey, in fact, are encrypted with a hardware encoding system, thanks to the custom designed CryptoChip which, after a certain number of unauthorized access attempts, disables access and deletes the encrypted data.

For protection against inadvertent virus infection, IronKey is equipped with a defense against any modification of Autorun files table, and with a read-only mode to prevent any files from being copied in background from the drive into the host computer.

Furthermore, user can also define a list of computers authorized to host the key, and if the computer is not in this list, the drive will not work. The number of access attempts, just like applications that can be used and an array of other security parameters, can be modified at any time also remotely, and always remotely, you can lock the drive temporarily or for good, or send a self-destruction command, just like Mission Impossible!