The perfect hands-free radio system for Special Forces

Stealth Ops

The Maryland based Silynx Communications, leader in manufacturing of miniature communication equipment (mostly headsets and microphones), widely used by elite armies and Special Forces during their covert operations, have broadened their range of products with the Stealth Ops system.

It is a MBITR (Multi Band Intra/Inter Team Radio) system, that is, a radio communication system for members of a team, such as for example an assault group, of tiny size that allows moving freely during operations, as it can be easily concealed inside clothes.

This radio system is operating on a protected range of frequencies, and is equipped with a transceiver, a wireless earpiece connected via Bluetooth (or an acoustic tube to be placed on the user’s face with tape or plaster) and an external battery pack in order to save space and volume. All pieces can be inserted in the pockets of an elastic belt, thus allowing the user to move freely while communicating with mission control center.
Thanks to its high sensitivity voice activation sensor, the radio can get started automatically with a simple whisper, while the control center listens in remotely.

With such characteristics, Stealth Ops is a perfect tool for special forces on a mission in hostile territory, police enforcement agents fighting organized crime, but also for civilian and scientific use, for example for groups of speleologists in a cave, who can stay in constant touch with each other.