To prevent accidents on the road, you can block outgoing text messages

Phone Call

It is certainly nothing new that, according to several statistics, one of the most frequent causes of road accidents is distraction due to writing text messages while driving. According to specific studies, if you are texting while you are at the wheel of your car, your risk of getting involved in an accident is 23 times higher than the average.

The figures of such accidents are dramatically higher among younger generations, and it is mostly at them that a new online subscription system, called TXT Blocker, is aimed; the system disables certain functions on your mobile phone while you are on the road, ensuring safer driving.

For example, users can choose to disable sending or receiving texts or calls, except those towards emergency numbers, or select a list of “safe” numbers which are not blocked and allowed to go through, or disable the phone usage at once when it is in a particularly dangerous area such as near a school or so. Furthermore, you also have the choice to enable incoming calls if you are using a Bluetooth hands-free earphone, which allows you to keep both hands on the wheel.

The system works thanks to GPS technology, and by detecting the handset’s velocity, it can determine if the user is driving and will automatically activate. Also, if someone places a call or sends an SMS towards a number protected by TXT Blocker, they will receive a notification informing them that their message or call has been blocked.

The cost of subscription starts at 10 dollars per month, and also features family or business plans. After all, at a limited price, you can buy something absolutely priceless: safety on the road.