More protection from molesters, with a digital peephole viewer


If you are living in a neighborhood where attacks and harassment are on the rise, if you are afraid that someone might try to sneak into your house for a robbery, or more simply if you value your privacy dearly and do not want to be disturbed by just anyone, the Digital Peephole Viewer, manufactured by Brinno, is the perfect tool for you!

It consists of a small LCD screen which, by simply pushing a button, will allow you to see who is knocking at your door, thus deciding whether to open or not. With a first click on the button, you can see the outside for 10 seconds. Another click will zoom in, so that you can clearly see the face, with a better detail than the standard wide-angle view.

One of the clearer advantages when compared to a normal peephole is that the person on the outside will not be able to figure out that they are being watched, as the hole will be occupied by the Digital Peephole Viewer and will not darken when viewing.

Easy to use, it is perfect for people with visual problems thanks to the display’s brightness and the zoom function. Just press the button repeatedly to switch between zoom and normal view, and each click will restart the timer for another 10 seconds. The viewing angle of 54 degrees will give you enough view on the landing of your floor.

DPV is powered by two AA batteries, enough for 1500 views. A red light will alert you when the battery is running out and needs to be replaced. Currently, Digital Peephole Viewer, which can be fitted on almost any door, is sold exclusively in Australia, at a price around 140 US Dollars.