Recharge your mobile phone with alcohol, just like a cigarette lighter!

As of now, you can recharge your cellphone as if it was a lighter, but fortunately, you will not be able to use it to light a cigarette! In fact, Toshiba has just announced the launch, as of 29 october, of Dynario, an alcohol battery charger which, once its small fuel tank is filled with methanol, is capable of supplying power to recharge two mobile phones, MP3 players or small electronic devices, connected via a USB cable.

To fill up the alcohol tank, you just need 20 seconds, and once this simple task is carried out, you will have at your disposal a comfortable self-powered battery charger, that you can use also when travelling, for example on a train or a bus where there are no electricity plugs. Thanks to the optimization of the methanol flow, Dynario is a source of stable and continuous power, perfectly suitable for applications such as, as mentioned above, recharging mobile phones, small gadgets or pocket-sized electronic devices.

Futrhermore, its performance is also stabilized by adding a lithium-ion battery, which is powered by the methanol itself and serves as a backup power source when the tank runs out of alcohol. Maybe you will not be able to take it with you on a plane due to the flammable liquid ion the inside, but under this point of view, the ethanol battery charger is compliant with all security regulations.

If you want to put your hands on a Dynario, though, you have to go a long way, and do it quick, as it will be available only in 3000 pieces, which can only be ordered on the Japanese market through the Toshiba website.