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Digital Voice Recorder tiny series

The Advanced Digital Voice Recorder - Model A1

Digital Voice Recorder operating within 300-3400 hz frequency band and sample rate 8000 kHz in flash memory

This is the first digital voice recorder with built-in rechargeable battery. It can record voice messages within frequency band 300-3400 Hz in flash memory.
In addition, this voice recorder can play back the recorded messages in real time, using an earphone or download the messages on the PC as standard sound files (.Wav) with the date and time stamp. The data can be password protected.
The DVR can record on two channels simultaneously, and it can be activated by the Voice Activation System (VAS) that compresses pauses in messages, saving memory and battery power.
The voice recorder has a sensitive built-in microphone (with a range of up to 8 mt) and a wide dynamic range.


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