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Sales Condition
Sales Conditions to Buy Digital Voice Recorders
  • If you are willing to buy a digital voice recorder, you can do it easily online, there is no need to go and search for the different models in a store shop. Now we at have made your task very easy and simple. You can purchase your favorite model online on the internet. You can also browse among the various models available. You will be updated of the new additions, product of the month, etc and all such important details.

  • By phone, customer service is available during office time at the following number:

    +39 (italy international prefix) 080 3026530, +39 080 43730893.

  • In our shops located in Santeramo in Colle(Bari), Via Terracini, 47; due to privacy problems we receive only by appointment.

In your messages always write the following data:
  • First name, Surname and/or Company name inclusive of VAT number in case of invoice request
  • Address of delivery and/or invoicing
  • Telephone number
  • Product code
  • Product description
  • Quantity

How to buy:

Now let us see the different ways in which you can purchase your Digital Voice Recorder.

1. The first process is to fill an online form provided by the site. Fill in all the details precisely.

2. If you want to order by phone, then the customer service is available during the office hours at the numbers specified below. The number is +39 080 43730893. You can purchase directly from our shops, as well. Our shop is located in Santeramo in Colle (Bari), Via Terracini,47.

Shipping and Payment:

Your goods will be delivered to you at your postal address through Express Courier. The extra charges are payable by you. The transport expenses depend on the country or ems i.e. international mail. There are different charges levied for the delivery of your product. There are some equipment orders that demand additional payment because of their weight or size. We take great efforts to transmit your equipment on the given time. The responsibility for the goods is totally on the buyer, once the goods are passed to the carrier. Thus, the insurance liability is solely of the buyer.


Whatever products you purchase from us are guaranteed products. They are free from any kind of defects. Even then, if you receive defective products in any case, you should bring it to our notice soon. We will in any case, within a period of ten days replace your product or issue the fund through registered letter

Right of Withdrawal

You even have the right of withdrawal. The Italian Legislative Decree No 185/1999 gives you the right to withdraw from the sale agreement without the need to give any explanation or penalties for the same. You only have to specify your intention of withdrawal from the contract with registered letter and return receipt.

We wish you a Happy Purchasing!


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