Do you want to become a spy? Go to the University!

A School for spies

National security is a serious business, one that certainly can not be improvised. All aspects connected with intelligence must thoroughly be evaluated and analyzed, and those who work in this field must be absolutely professional and reliable, and have a high level of specific knowledge in the area.

For this reason, Link Campus University is opening a Master Course in Intelligence and National Security (MAINS), which will take place in Rome, Italy, starting in October 2009.  In a rapidly changing world environment, the demand for intelligence experts is on the rise, and this course aims at filling that demand.

This course, open to civil servants (particularly from the Ministries of Defense and Foreign Affairs, as well as others), to operators in the strategic security field, specialists of domestic and international politics and security, as well as to young graduates wishing to boost their careers in a highly skilled area, provides advanced training and preparation in national security studies and information analysis.

It is made up of four main branches: International security, Intelligence systems, Techniques of analysis and Threats to national security. The course will also be joined by high-profile members of domestic and international institutions, companies operating in intelligence, to create workshops, seminars and case studies which can prove useful in the future.

Thanks to this kind of courses, and to the possibility of using the one and only Center for documentation on intelligence, the participants can prepare themselves to face the challenges of an ever-changing world order, where knowledge of the most advanced intelligence systems and methods can make a difference not only for your career, but also for your country.