GSM bugs: A sharp edge to audio surveillance

For a few investigators and spies, GSM bugs rank much higher in terms of equipment in their course of interrogation, chasing and collecting facts and evidences. While, the GSM bugs have been in the market for some time now but the recent launch of the mini bugs have raised their application and rating further in the field.

Considering the size and convenience the mini GSM bugs are kept small; more or less equivalent to a credit card calibrated very well with an amplified microphone making it extremely audio sensitive.

An intelligent use of a credit card like appearance aids hiding and covers up even after a notice by the surrounding people. The bug is equipped with qualities to pick up even lower and softer voices from a distance of few meters unlike its older versions.

Another addition to the renovated mini GSM is a feature of self regulated answering i.e. when dialed from any BT line or mobile it won’t gain any attention in terms of a ringing tone, vibration or even light further camouflaging the product.

With about 120 hours of standby time and approximately 6 hours of continuous audio surveillance it makes its application an indispensable account too. The product is available in wide range of bands including 800 MHz, 900 MHz or 1800 MHz applicable accordingly. So an investigator may be basking in sun or relaxing he/she surely has a tool keeping an ear on the enemies and suspects.

Audio video surveillance: bliss, an investigator

For professionals working in close proximity to the field of security and crime investigations thoroughly realize the ever increasing application and paramount significance of updated and latest surveillance equipments.

These not only facilitate invnoestigations but also enact as an effective tool to fight back illegal issues. The most recent additions to the list are “enigmas” better referred as transmitters, pen recorders and tie cameras.

With audio video surveillance technologies in practice they have supported evidences and authoritative instances aiding justice. Explaining further, the audio surveillance is especially conducted on an individual to keep a check on his/her whereabouts, here a transmitter receiver combination is used.

The recently launched transmitter by eye spy is designed as a mobile phone with a range numbering to thousands of miles facilitating further convenience, under cover and revolutionizing technology at par. Pen recorders imbibed with an inbuilt USB connection make the information easily transferable to a computer in form of mp3 files.
Tie cameras are another field of interest to investigation departments, the pin hole camera placed intelligently on a normal and a very basic neck tie, appearing just as a graceful formal wear, is capable enough to capture clear images even in low lights as well.

The application of a Micro phone video recorder along with a tie camera make this tool even more sought after and indispensable for years to come integrating both the audio and the video aspect upgrading the wholesome idea of audio video surveillance.