Digital Voice Recorder for everyone

Digital Voice Recorder for everyone

Keychain version of tiny Digital Voice Recorder unlocks the needs and convenience of users. The science and technology are changing with astronomical speed. The journey from floppy to compact disc to pen drive is mind boggling. There are certain applications of these gadgets which don’t allow us big space, more particularly when we are traveling and wish to use such electronic devises, it’s not practical to carry bigger versions.

EM Digital Voice Recorder (DVR) has introduced a tiny model A21. It can conveniently be carried in our trouser pocket as shape and size is very small. Wonderful feature of A21 DVR is its portability. The round shaped leather case keychain model is widely used by professionals to record their voice messages in flash memory. The technical features are unique. EM-DVR-A21 has long record time, extremely responsive built-in microphone, and built-in clock and calendar; and it can be started with timer. It doesn’t have any moving part hence is adaptable to vibrations, slight temperature variations, dust etc. It –consumes less power.

The software used in it is Windows 2000/OS and XS savvy, and user friendly. The so called friendliness is elaborated below: Without losing its clarity and high efficiency the DVR and its efficient Li-Pol battery can be charged from USB port. The cable has been provided to connect it to the port.

The software facilitates to save the recorded voice messages as standard sound files. With its voice activation system (VAS), it compresses the pauses in the lines, saving its memory as well as recording time. While downloading the records into the computer, pauses length is restored. Flash of LED denotes that DVR is in working mode. In this tiny model, digital signature of bona fide user as well as password facility saves it from unauthorized tampering.

Multilingual support too is provided with the DVR software. And the key factor of this keychain model of digital voice recorder is that it is available in 18.70 to 298.70 hours recording time. No wonder that this gismo shall catch the fancy of the users across the world.