An answer to distraction: invisible earphones

It is not uncommon to find people at work wearing earphones; trying to relax and bring some peace to the over taxed mind and body. But in the process distracting others who may be dedicatedly involved lowering enthusiasm and breaking the glass of working environment making things so anti-social and also indicating them to not to take up either a casual or formal conversation, presuming interference.

The recent invention of Reece Myers, a 22 year old Brunel University graduate, the invisible earphones will surely bring things at ease in the direction. He claims to build up one inch sophisticated appliance which will directly hit the bone structure placed quiet inner making it almost unnoticeable inspired from the architecture used in hearing aids.

The instrument suggestively connected with a Bluetooth connection to the mp3 outsource, which is already in practice with wireless earphones. With a frequency ranging about 200 to 6000 Hz the high quality still can’t be assured. The innovation is bliss and will surely be utilised to the maximum in the corporate culture, investigators and reporters, who often need to be connected and poked in for recent activities smoothening the convoluted and ever dynamic real life scenarios, reporting and activities. Though the price quoted by the big companies offering the product is on a high end, limiting to just a bunch of people but surely will settle with time and other imitations sooner or later serving many for years.