Digital Micro Recorder – the BLACK-BOX

This micro audio recorder is just the perfect piece of equipment for people looking to get an inconspicuous recording solution. This recorder, also called ‘black-box’ is very compact and lightweight to be easily worn or hidden anywhere. The microphone inside this recorder is quite sensitive and can detect and record sounds from as far as 12 metres. The recorder can be activated using a simple on/off switch or using the vocal activation system in situations where manual access does not seem feasible. 

Unlike many other micro recorders, the black-box uses a dedicated and comprehensively designed management software to program it as required. The in-built software allows you to change settings for recording quality, recording time, activation date/time and other appropriate adjustments. The in-built clock and calendar ensure that the recorder works the way it is programmed. Moreover, the software encrypts the audio files stored in it to restrict unauthorized data access. It can be interfaced with any PC or laptop with a USB 2.0 interface, to gain access to the software settings and data files.

Another very commendable feature of this micro recorder is its recording capacity. This micro recorder can operate flawlessly for about 100 straight, allowing you to record up to 150 hours of audio, using its 4Gb internal memory. This allows you to plant it anywhere you desire and leave it for days to come. The automatic voice activation technology activates the recorder when a sound is detected and shuts it off after prolonged silence. Which in turn saves battery power. 

The micro-recorder also has an LED which indicates the recorder’s operational status. It is powered by a simple 3V button battery which can be replaced with ease when needed. This eliminates the dependency overcharging as the battery can be quickly replaced after it drains out. The micro recorder weighs only 6 grams and has a high-grade outer polymer case that can withstand temperature, pressure, and strain. 

The voice activation system is also adjustable for intensity and gain, for precise operation. 

Overall, the ‘black-box’ recorder is an energy-efficient gadget with an intuitive and user-friendly management software. It is extremely small and lightweight, making it pretty useful for spying and security applications. $

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Ever dynamic Digital micro recorders


With an attempt to make undercover investigations an absolute success many lay their hands on the latest digital micro recorders, they have given a sharp edge to the term with avant-garde innovative camouflages used and modulated them from time to time to continue the sweet fruit shower without culprit notice. Variety is the demand to completely outrage the cunning, impertinent and shrewd crooks working with calibrated cautious minds to break all barriers and accomplish goals. The latest based on the technology of semi conductors are shaped up variedly with different recording potential as per required either by situation or individual.

The digital pen recorder, key ring recorders along with other tiny models top the chart and can be applied almost anywhere easily. Many equipped with password protection, microphones, earphones, voice sensitivity with expandable memory for security, sound quality, privacy, power saving and storage respectively serve beyond boundaries and expectations.

Most working in a frequency range of about 300 to 3400 Hz stores information either in mp3 or WAV format aiding obvious ease and download to a computer with quality recording. Apart from secret agents and police personnel’s, the micro recorders are too widely used by professionals and business men to either keep a record for reference or else by students to bypass the tiring note making process during lectures making things a hassle free job in turn imparting more knowledge and in Toto coverage of all the information and discussions.