Control your appliances remotely via your mobile phone

GSM Auto

We are in this field since a long time, but it looks like Quantek Systems has just discovered the world of unlimited distance surveillance over the GSM phone network. In fact, last month the British company has launched its GSM-Auto, a remote control that is used to activate, through a normal telephone call, any electric or electronic device connected to it.

All you have to do is call the number associated to its SIM card, and GSM-Auto, without answering the call, will recognize the calling number and, hanging up automatically, will activate the device or appliance, for example a car alarm, a security gate or a home computer.

It can also be restarted by sending an SMS with a particular text string. Basically, GSM-Auto works like your ordinary remote control, but from an unlimited distance.
On the other hand, if what we need is a real surveillance operation, listening to whatever happens inside a room or a car, wherever we and our subject are located, what we can use is a GSM bug, that is, a tiny listening device connected to a SIM card, to be concealed inside a car or a room.

In this case, by calling its number, we will be able to listen in real time, through the ultra-sensitive hidden microphone, to any conversation taking place around it. Furthermore, GSM bugs can be programmed remotely via SMS, and thanks to their voice activation sensor, they can be programmed to call us automatically as soon as the sensor detects a motion or a noise or, if installed on a car, as soon as the car is turned on or off.

In either case, both GSM Auto and a GSM Bug are capable of carrying out their function while we are comfortably sitting on our armchair at home, safely away from any danger. Easy, huh?