Hidden footage, recorded with your car’s remote control

DVR Remote

When you need to capture what is happening around you on video, be it for work, for leisure or for legal reasons, you may find yourself in condition to do it as discreetly as possible, so as not to raise unnecessary attention and suspicions. Therefore, the job must be carried out by using a device that is as small as possible and that does not look like a video recorder or a hidden camera.

For example, you might use something like a remote control videorecorder. No, we are not talking about using the remote control of your home VCR, but about a tiny device that at first sight looks just like the remote control of your car alarm, but on the inside conceals a miniaturized digital video camera, capable of recording up to 2 hours of video footage, which is then stored on the embedded USB memory card, with a 4 Gb capacity.

Thanks to this miniature video recorder, you will be able to shoot video recordings with hidden camera, with a 640×480 resolution in AVI video format, and download them into your computer thanks to the USB cable. The maximum duration of the lithium battery is up to 100 minutes in continuous recording mode.

Thanks to its small size and its ease of use (recording can be starting by just pressing a button), it is a perfect tool for shooting candid camera videos, to save a live concert, as well as for gathering evidence to be used on trial or before a court of law, or to take notes during an important work meeting or conference; your fantasy is the limit!

Ah, by the way, in case someone is wondering: aside from all this, it can be really used as a remote control for your car alarm!

Are you equipped with remote control DVR?

Are you equipped with remote control DVR?

Whether one is dealing with the knock backs or coping up with inevitable factors hindering surveillance, constant innovation in the spy tools to leave aside sharp culprits and criminals always gives the best results. Therefore, the field of spying needs a steady addition of newer camouflaged techniques to outrage and excel in the tough risky field. Endoacustica keeping these in mind constantly works, designs and introduces its latest products. The newer remote control DVR, a car remote control equipped with a camera to capture high quality videos and stills is a genuine example of creativeness.

The tool portrays an ordinary system to control car locking but actually is a spy taking notice of all the nearby activities. The miniature tool is a very easy option when it comes to portability, quality and disguise. The gadget integrates a high resolution camera with an option to either record videos or just pictures as and when required. The built-in microphone further enhances the video quality in totality. With 4 GB of internal memory it can support up to 2 hours of recording with final storage in an AVI video format. Further to add is an USB outlet which can later be connected to a pc for a closer look. Also there is inbuilt lithium battery to support a life time of 100 minutes. So to equip with remote control DVR is truly a value category for wiser, smarter and progressive investigators.