Talk on the phone, while filming what is going on around you

Bluetooth DVR

In the audio and video surveillance field, it is vital not to cause any kind of possible suspicion in the people being kept under observation. To achieve this, it is important to provide yourselves with tools that allow gathering of information in a discreet way and without arising any unnecessary attention and which do not obviously look like a recorder, a hidden microphone or a videocamera.

And this is exactly when a Bluetooth earphone DVR might turn out useful. At a first glance it looks just like your ordinary earphone, but on the inside it contains a miniature video camera with an embedded video recorder. This hidden camera is capable of recording videos in 640×480 resolution, which are saved on the embedded USB memory card with a 4 Gb capacity.

This results in the possibility of storing up to 2 hours of video footage, to be downloaded on your PC via USB cable. The lithium battery allows for a maximum continuous recording time of approximately 100 minutes.

A device like this is perfect for situations where privacy is a must, for example evidence gathering by law enforcement or detective agencies, Just clip it on the front pocket of your jacket or shirt, or on your trousers’ belt, and you will be able to start recording with just one touch. Other possible options include recording during concerts or lectures, or point-of-view recordings during a bicycle race or a ski downhill.

In short, you can use this miniature video camera in a million ways, even as… an earphone for your mobile!