Turn your phone into a safe haven, and talk free from prying ears!


The very technology that makes us free to communicate with our business and with your loved ones at any time and from any place, could turn into our worst nightmare if, by chance, someone is trying to listen to our conversations to illegally gather information that can be used against us, either on a personal or financial level.

The good news, though, is that you do not need to be a secret agent, or a tycoon, to afford protection for your conversations from this kind of attacks, which are much more common than one can imagine. Basically, every mobile phone of the latest generations can be protected from interceptions, by using the right encryption software.

By providing your cellphone with this kind of software, very easy to install, the signal is encoded using two possible options: a 256-bit symmetric or 1024-bit asymmetric encryption key; once encrypted, it is transmitted over the GSM network in a format that the network itself would only recognize as white noise. By making sure that the phone at the other end is equipped with the same encryption key, its user will be the only person enabled to communicate with you, and the other way around.

Thanks to Safe & Talk, the encryption software marketed by Endoacustica, you will not need to worry anymore when you are talking on the phone, as your phone calls will be as private as you want them to be.