Is your wife cheating on you? Find out with a Spy Phone!

In cases of marital infidelity, technology plays an extremely important part: on one hand, for the unfaithful spouse, using a mobile phone can be an advantage in terms of flexibility and privacy, on the other hand the very same cellphone can turn into his or her worst enemy, especially if it is a spy mobile phone.

Thanks to the SpyPhone, in fact, a suspicious husband can eavesdrop his wife’s phone conversations, and be reassured on her trustworthiness, by listening to her phone calls in real time, receiving copies of all incoming or outgoing SMS messages, and even listening to conversations taking place around it, by using the SpyPhone as a covert listening device, even while the phone itself is switched off! Furthermore, it can also detect the geographic coordinates if the phone is equipped with a GPS locator function.

The Spy Phone works thanks to a spy software, completely invisible, which carries out all the functions outlined above without giving out any sign of activity, therefore the user of the handset on which it is installed will be able to keep making calls and sending messages, without any suspicion of being under surveillance.

Just install it on the phone you wish to monitor, set up your cellphone number as controlling number, and you will be able to conveniently monitor all surveillance functions remotely, setting them up via SMS, and receiving an SMS notification on your cellphone each time that the spy telephone is engaged in a conversation, which you will secretly be able to listen to by just placing a call.

This spy software can be installed on almost all phones running on Symbian OS. For more details, you can visit the Endoacustica website.