Are your Cell Phones encrypted?

Are your Cell Phones encrypted?

Illegal cell phone interception has been on a bang for quite a while now; with easily operable and cheaper options readily available in bazaars. Interception in simple words can be described as an application which when active can aid remote monitoring of all telephonic conversations, sms’s, even GPRS activities along with the phone book and signal altering specific calls. The interception has made the spy concept so simple and accessible that even normal people just for some invalid reasons as well have started applying it extensively. As in, the end of call interception is almost near for smarter and well knowledgeable individuals, who have equipped themselves to combat the technical aftermath with encryption.

So are your cell phones encrypted to maintain privacy, control and corrupt eavesdroppers? With Endoacustica working day and night to figure out best solutions the worries have come to a halt. The latest trust worthy variety includes GSM quad band mobile phone and landline telephone namely GSM Crypto and SCR-TEL respectively. They have left far behind the traditional outdated ways ensuring safer options to fill out all loopholes. Moreover, the encrypted cell phones facilitate independent security checks online with concealed codes. Adding further to the equipments is the inbuilt Bluetooth, outlets for USB, external power and audio connections enhancing their utility. With varieties available to work on a range of frequencies as desired Endoacustica has surpassed many in the field of cell phone encryption.

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