Wi-fi Enabled and Programmable Digital Audio Recorder

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While most audio recorders require manual access for modifications and downloading files, some come with receivers for distant control. But imagine how amazing it would be, if you can control your audio recorder using the internet. This small but effective voice recorder works on the same principle.

The recorder features a compact body with an ultra sensitive knowless microphone, and a wi-fi bridge module to connect to the internet. The best part of using this recorder is that you can access the recording live just by connecting to the website . The recorder can send over about 1 hour of recordings in just 14 seconds over the wi-fi, making it even more effective. 

The sophisticated Vorbis Ogg compression ensures ultra clear recordings and proper noise cancellation. The recorder is ideal for situations where manual access is not convenient, or the recordings have to gathered and used live. Although the function of the recorder is not just limited to wi-fi connectivity, as it features a 128 Gb SD card which also records the audio for backup and later access. 

The recordings can either be sent directly over wi-fi, or the recorder can be programmed for a schedule based upon date or time. Moreover, it also features selectable periods for each day of the week. The recorder can also be programmed over the internet for schedules and other settings using the wi-fi. 

This compact audio recorder also features a voice activation feature which turns off the recorder when no sound is detected. This helps eliminate possible detection of the recorder against frequency detection devices, which are widely used by high level security agencies for scouring potential places of electronic devices. Meaning that you can use it for the most sophisticated investigations. 

This wi-fi based audio recorder also uses and automatic digital signature function which encrypts the audio files while sending them over wi-fi. This digital signature is mandatory for authentication while accessing the files, and greatly improves security against unauthorized access. 

The recorder can capture audio at a sample rate of 8kHz, 16kHz, 44kHz. Which can be modulated depending upon your desired recording duration and audio quality. 

Overall, this is a great audio recorder for covert operations where instant and secure transfer of files among different computers is needed. The wi-fi based operation ensures that you share audio files almost instantly. Plus the protection against frequency detection devices makes it even more discreet.

You can check out the link below for more details and the latest price and offers.   Wi-fi Enabled and Programmable Digital Audio Recorder

Land line audio recorder

Do you want to record your landline calls? If yes, then check this professional landline recorder that makes it possible to record and listen to the recorded calls.

The micro recorder is extremely user-friendly and can be easily installed in offices, hotel rooms, and home, etc.

The telephone voice recorder, EN-TELREC comes up with a live listening system. Non-Stop recordings can be recorded for more than a month. The micro recorder has an expandable memory up to32 GB. The memory can be expanded by Micro SD card. This landline recorder is used to do audio monitoring of a telephone line. It is capable of storing uninterrupted files for more than a month.

The is not the only function of this device, the jaw-dropping feature of this recorder is that you can insert the telephonic sim card in it and listen to all calls either received or made by the telephone in real-time. When the receiver of the telephone is lifted then this recorder make call to master number that is already set. What you have to do is to just answer the call and get into the recorded call and you can listen to that call easily from the office, home or wherever you are.

This telephone voice recorder will record every single received and dialed call from the landline telephone even you are listening to it or not. This professional voice recorder continuously records the calls for a whole month in a row.

The device exactly looks like an ADSL filter and does not require any other external hardware. You can listen and record any incoming and outgoing calls by just connecting the device into the telephone line.

The voice recorder has both automatic and manual configuration recording systems and after recording, the device generates the WAV file and stores it in the micro SD card, which can be easily downloaded to your pc and you can easily listen that with any media player.


It can be easily installed on any telephone line. The recording has both automatic and manual mode to set on. Live call listening. It support micro SD card which can be expended up to 32 GB. It supports the loop recording system which makes it possible to record continuous calls in an optimized way. It records the files in WAV file format. The files can be easily played by any multimedia player in the pc.

Our support continues after the purchase. Our team will be there for you to give proper guidance. They will answer your questions about the recorder and will guide you to install and access the recorded files.

You can check out the link below for more details and the latest price and offers.   Land line audio recorder

Audio Recorder As Remote Control For Concealment

Plain sight can be the best camouflage sometimes. Objects can be well hidden right under your nose, and you won’t even expect them to be there. That is the principle this audio recorder has been designed upon. The recorder has been concealed inside a remote control to ensure perfect disguise for this spying setup. Moreover, the recorder has a long battery backup and can record audio for 300 hours straight(12 days). Without the need for replacing battery or the memory card. 

The recorder features a very sensitive microphone that can detect and record sounds from as far as 10 metres. The automatic gain control(AGC) feature modulates the microphone detection to record sound in best quality, regardless of its intensity. This feature comes in handy when the speaker is either too close or far from the microphone. The AGC function can either be user controlled, or you can use the fixed microphone gain. 

The recorder has a maximum recording time of about 26000 minutes(18 days straight) when equipped with a 4 Gb memory card on minimal frequency settings. This allows you to plant the recorder for longer durations in places where deep investigation is needed. The recorder has a signal-to-noise ratio of 65dB which is excellent and better than most mediocre audio recording systems. 

The audio recorder has a wide range of recording sample rate ranging between 5.5kHz to 22kHz. You can adjust the sample rate depending upon the duration of recording. Since a higher sample rate will eventually mean more consumption of battery and memory, and a lesser but high quality recording duration. 

It can be connected via any PC using a simple USB data cable. The in-built software is quite simple and intuitive to use, and allows you to access the files with ease. Since the audio is recorded and stored in wav format, you don’t need any special media player to listen to the files. The software also allows you to set recording schedules based upon dates or time. This helps with saving battery power, and recording only important fragments of audio when needed. 

The recorder needs four 1.5V PR44 batteries and one micro SDHC (class 6) memory card for operation. It is compact, lightweight and can be easily concealed. Making it great for spying over your spouse, kids, employees(especially in the automotive and logistics sector) and gathering evidence for criminal activities. 

You can check out the link below for more details and the latest price and offers.   Digital voice recorder hidden in a standard remote control case

Digital pen voice recorder

Today, we have another recorder for you. This recorder is one of the best voice recorders ever. The size of this recorder is just 13.9mm. It’s very handy and looks elegant. The recorder can also fit in your shirt’s pocket.

Usage: The pen recorder can be used by business people for different purposes. Students can use the voice recorder to record their lectures. This pen can also be used for fun moments, to capture their conversations as memories. Investigators can use the pen for their investigations. Secretaries can also use this pen for voice memos and much more.

Functionality: This is a high-quality recorder that can perform multiple functionalities. We know that this amazing pen is used for voice recording recorder but what else can this small pen do? It can be used as an ordinary ballpoint. You can also use the recorder as a flash drive to carry important files.

Data Access: To listen to the saved recordings, you can directly listen by plugging earphones in. You can also save the files into the computer.

Technical Specifications:

Storage: The storage capacity of this professional recorder is 2GB and the USB is 2.0.

Battery: This pen recorder comes with a built-in battery, 3.7V LI-Battery. It can record up to 12 hours if It is fully charged. It supports playback up to 8 hours.


1. If you are thinking that there will a few keys on the pen, you are completely wrong. This recorder doesn’t have any external buttons to operate. This no button appearance makes it a normal pen. This is amazing!

2. You might have seen pen recorders with a flashlight. This flashlight remains on while recording. But this professional recorder comes without this flashlight so that you don’t have to care for the flash when you are recording. Isn’t this cool? You will feel like a professional spy.

3. This recording device can record up to 10 meters. The built-in mic records voice in very high quality.

4. If we talk about the mode, when you turn on the pen, it switches to the standby voice recording mode.

5. The file recording format is WAV. Packaging: If you buy this smart recorder, you will not only get a pen to record audio, you will get earphones and USB cable from us too. Who won’t like to buy such a smart and multifunctional pen recorder that comes with a lot of benefits? Grab your smart spy now. In case of any question feel free to contact us.

Packaging: If you buy this smart recorder, you will not only get a pen to record audio, you will get earphones and USB cable from us too. Who won’t like to buy such a smart and multifunctional pen recorder that comes with a lot of benefits? Grab your smart spy now.

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Best Audio Recorder and Receiver Kit for Spying

While most micro audio recorders planted for spying have to be operated manually. Sometimes it becomes imperative to operate the function of such devices in real-time. That is what this Spy Kit A1 radio works best for. This kit is a combination of a radio transmitter, wireless receiver and micro recorder, which allows the user to control the device and access files in real-time. meanwhile listening to a live audio stream. 

The kit is divided into two parts. One is the RF covert transmitter and high quality microphone, which is planted on the recording location, and the second is the receiver. The transmitter and recorder are connected by a small wire, which allows flexibility for mounting the device at even the most difficult locations. The recorder has an 8-16 khz sample rate for quality recording, and can easily detect sound from as far as 10 metres. The audio recorder also features a 128 Gb memory card, that can be used to record audio for weeks if not months. 

The audio recorder works in three different modes. It can either be manually switched on/off, or can be activated using the Voice Activation System. The recorder can also be scheduled for activation and recording at a specific time and/or schedule using the interactive software interface. 

The recorder works great for criminal activity investigation, and for situations where instant inputs and quick action is required. This is made possible by using the robust and interactive receiver module of this kit. The receiver wirelessly connects to the audio recorder transmitter, and can be used to control its function from as far as 400 metres. The big LED display and extremely intuitive interface of the receiver ensures that the important functions are on your fingertips. 

The best part of using the receiver is that you can directly download the recorded files from the audio recorder, which already has an SD card for quick and easy handling . Thus eliminating the need for physical access to the recording device. This can come handy in dangerous situations or during sting operations. 

Moreover, when the device is connected to a direct power supply, the device turns on the ideal assistant for monitoring arduous recording sessions. Additionally, the function(on/off and modes) of the recorder can be set remotely using the receiver. 

The files recorded on the device are fully encrypted to restrict unauthorized access, and recorded in wav format for instant and easy interpretation.  

You can check out the link below for more details and the latest price and offers.   Encrypted voice recorder

Small and Secure Digital Audio Recorder

A good audio recording device for spying and investigation has to be compact, lightweight, long lasting and most of all, secure. One very common threat with using such digital recording devices is the risk of them being discovered. Since most devices can be directly connected to a PC using a USB cable almost instantly. The chances of hacking and file retrieval increase ten folds in such cases. To solve this problem, this small audio recorder features a modular design with an external USB adapter that can be attached or detached when needed. It can be connected with the recorder using a 3.5mm audio jack mounted on its rear end. 

This recorder features a small and compact design, along with a short cable with a sharp mic on the end. The recorder is powered by 3.7V Li-ion battery, which can keep it operational upto 55 hours with continuous recording. It features 8 Gb internal storage, which helps with storing longer audio sessions with ease. The recorder has a recording bit rate of 192kbps, which ensures a high quality output. 

The best part of using this micro recorder is that you don’t have to rely upon any specific software. It directly records audio in wav format, and is also capable of playing mp3 format files. Thus making it even easier to access and play audio files. This comes handy in situations where you have to access files immediately and quickly between recording sessions.

The recorder is activated using a simple on/off switch mounted on the side. The LED flashes initially to indicate registration, and turns off afterwards to ensure concealed operation, especially in dark areas. The corded design of the recorder allows it to be mounted in cramped corners and spaces. Meanwhile ensuring 100% concealment. 

The ultra sensitive microphone of this recorder can detect sounds from as far as 10-12 metres. Making it ideal for undercover operations, parental control, security and spying on your partners or employees. The package also includes a charging brick which quickly charges the recorder. It is just 8mm thick, which makes sure it doesn’t protrude or imprint when hidden under any soft surface. 

The recorder is rendered useless without the USB adapter. Since it is the only bridge to access recorded files using a PC.  So make sure to keep it away when planting the recorder. 

You can check out the link below for more details and the latest price and offers.   Small and Secure Digital Audio Recorder

Mini & Slim Spy Recorder Hideaway

Technology is evolving at a lightning-fast speed. We should know what the new trending technology is. Today, we are introducing a mini voice recording device. This professional voice recorder is going to amaze you. This digital audio recorder is one of its kind. This mini voice recorder is named as REC-12H. It is portable and easy to use. Let’s check out the details of this mini spy without any delay.

Usage: This smart voice recorder can be used to record audio of lectures, verbal notes for you, for meetings, for conversations and much more. It can also be used to carry files and documents as a flash drive. This device is 2 in 1. You can use as a voice recorder and a flash drive.

Features: This smart spy recorder is designed to record voice without getting caught or even getting noticed. It is only 12mm wide and 40mm in length. How cool is that!

Appearance: This smart tool is designed to record smartly. If we talk about the size, it is only 12mm wide and 40mm in length. How cool is that! If we talk about the appearance, most of the voice recorders have more than two buttons on them but this digital recorder has only one button on it. It records voice in very high quality up to 10 miles. This digital recorder records the voice very clearly. It supports WAV format to save the audio in high quality.

Storage: It has 8 GB of storage that can be used as a USB memory device too.

Access to the files: You can listen to the recorded filed directly from the device. Yes, you can plug in your hands-free to listen to the recording done by this amazing micro recorder. You can also transfer these files to your computer for your ease. You can easily manage the data.

Our Special Support: We provide special support to our beloved buyers. Our technical staff gets engaged with the clients to explain the product in case of any question. Our technical staff will give you complete guidance throughout the installation process. You will also get to know the usage of this amazing mini recorder. To get something good you have to spend some money. Don’t compromise with the quality. Buy good stuff to enjoy the best quality. Get this professional smart digital recorder and get in touch in case of any query.

You can check out the link below for more details and the latest price and offers.  Mini & Slim Spy Recorder Hideaway

A1 The smallest digital voice recorder

Spying can sometimes become very extensive and may last for days if not weeks. Whether you are spying on a cheating partner, treacherous employees or even on your kids for parental control. Most small voice recorders have a battery backup lasting not more than four to five days, or even a week. But when that’s not enough, this small digital voice recorder comes in. It is the smallest digital audio recorder in the world, with an operational runtime of about a month

Measuring just over a couple of centimetres, this voice recorder is extremely small for effective concealment. You can plant it under tables, chairs, couches, car seats, plant pots, and any other suitable place you can think of. The powerful microphone of this recorder can detect sound from as far as 10 metres, and records it in high quality. The sample rate of recording can be set to a maximum of 44Khz for highest quality recording. 

The A1 recorder also supports automatic gain control(AGC) to eliminate noise, maintain the same level of amplification for sound and ensure a clear and best grade recording of audio. It can be switched on/off manually, or using the voice activated mode(VAS). This mode allows you to save on battery charge, and record only when sound is detected. 

It has its own in-built software which allows you to set recording schedules based upon date and time. All the audio recorded in this device is 128 bit encrypted to ensure prevention of unauthorized access if somebody finds it out. Moreover, the software offers a setting to prevent separate registrations. The recorder also includes a 32Gb SD card which can be changed easily without tools when needed. 

The recorder features a two part design with one part being the recording hardware and other being the 3.7V lithium battery. This battery provides a runtime of about a month on continuous usage. Making it perfect for recording extensive audio sessions in cases where deeper investigation is required 

Furthermore, the manufacturer provides options for customization of the battery. It can be set to record on specific times. Or it can be resized to specific dimensions to fit the mounting space with ease. Due to its modular design, the battery can be quickly replaced without disturbing the recorder’s position. 

The module can be operated using battery power or direct power supply. Hence it can be connected with a USB power cord and made to look like a normal electronic gadget at a workplace. 

The long battery backup, compact size and modular design make it an exceptional piece of equipment for discreetly recording audio.

You can check out the link below for more details and the latest price and offers.  One month long life micro digital voice recorder

Credit card shaped voice recorder review

Do you want to spy on someone with a professional device? A device that fits your pocket, but it is not affordable one. It records without even getting noticed. You can use this to spy someone. It can be used for business deals or any situation where you feel that the other person can step back from his words. It is a great and smart invention with a lot of smart features.

Let’s get into this smart credit card shaped voice recorder details. This trending voice recorder resembles to an ordinary credit card. This secret recorder records a highquality voice without getting noticed by the person you are spying at. This smart voice recorder ensures to record high-quality voice in a noisy environment too. And guess what? There are no buttons visible on the credit card device to make it like an ordinary credit card. This hidden spy voice recorder also has a remote controller to control recording.

This smart mini recorder has built-in memory and lithium polymer battery also known as Li-Pol. This latest voice recorder provides coverage up to 15m. It has up to 35 hours of battery life while recording and provides up to 150 hours in standby mode. Isn’t that amazing?

Let’s dive into the functionality of this smart voice recorder. The LED indicator turns on during recording. The indicator can be turned off if needed. To turn off the LED indicator you just have to swipe off your two fingers on the magnetic strip. The magnetic strip is located on the card. You can turn it off or on by the swipe of two fingers.

The spy recorder uses proprietary file system. It means that the spy recorder owns the file legally. The data saved in the recorder is highly secured. It has an option to protect the file through a ciphered password. When a user wants to access the file, it can be accessed by a digital signature. Unauthenticated users cannot have access to the recorded data. Only the owner of the smart recorder can access the data. The data is organized in date and time format.

The micro recorder itself keeps an eye on the battery and the memory. It provides 2 GB of memory. In case if the memory is full, there is an amazing feature supported by this mini voice recorder that doesn’t let you lose the file. This feature is called loop recording. Loop recording keeps on recording the audio even if it’s out of memory. It will replace the recording file with the oldest file in the memory so that you don’t lose the latest recording because of low memory. This smart recording device is cheap and affordable. Go and grab yours smart recorder!

You can check out the link below for more details and the latest price and offers.  Credit card shaped voice recorder

Digital Micro Recorder – the BLACK-BOX

This micro audio recorder is just the perfect piece of equipment for people looking to get an inconspicuous recording solution. This recorder, also called ‘black-box’ is very compact and lightweight to be easily worn or hidden anywhere. The microphone inside this recorder is quite sensitive and can detect and record sounds from as far as 12 metres. The recorder can be activated using a simple on/off switch or using the vocal activation system in situations where manual access does not seem feasible. 

Unlike many other micro recorders, the black-box uses a dedicated and comprehensively designed management software to program it as required. The in-built software allows you to change settings for recording quality, recording time, activation date/time and other appropriate adjustments. The in-built clock and calendar ensure that the recorder works the way it is programmed. Moreover, the software encrypts the audio files stored in it to restrict unauthorized data access. It can be interfaced with any PC or laptop with a USB 2.0 interface, to gain access to the software settings and data files.

Another very commendable feature of this micro recorder is its recording capacity. This micro recorder can operate flawlessly for about 100 straight, allowing you to record up to 150 hours of audio, using its 4Gb internal memory. This allows you to plant it anywhere you desire and leave it for days to come. The automatic voice activation technology activates the recorder when a sound is detected and shuts it off after prolonged silence. Which in turn saves battery power. 

The micro-recorder also has an LED which indicates the recorder’s operational status. It is powered by a simple 3V button battery which can be replaced with ease when needed. This eliminates the dependency overcharging as the battery can be quickly replaced after it drains out. The micro recorder weighs only 6 grams and has a high-grade outer polymer case that can withstand temperature, pressure, and strain. 

The voice activation system is also adjustable for intensity and gain, for precise operation. 

Overall, the ‘black-box’ recorder is an energy-efficient gadget with an intuitive and user-friendly management software. It is extremely small and lightweight, making it pretty useful for spying and security applications. $

You can check out the link below for more details and the latest price and offers. Microrecorder BLACK-BOX