Is Digital mini voice recorder, a true advancement?

Is Digital mini voice recorder, a true advancement?

It is not uncommon to find professionals struggling hard with bulky, messy and complicated voice recorders to keep a compile of audio messages. But not anymore with Endoacustica’s digital mini voice recorder, the device is particularly designed in a miniature pattern to satisfy the needful. Its key hi-tech features within the mini pack too; are quiet enough to keep it ahead of all prevalent versions. Lower power consumption, inbuilt microphone and longer recordings are few grounds of appreciation. Further it can be connected to a pc via USB port. The software supplied is apt to work with windows 2000 XP / OS. The DVR is particularly designed as a flash disc to store and later transfer the data. The most to be recognized in the product is the voice activation system which actually lengthens the recording time by compressing in between silence and halts.

To facilitate further all the sound files are recorded in WAV format along with the time and date. With the use of immobile parts the recorder can be used in varied environmental conditions such as temperature, vibration and dust. Many models are available to suit individual needs with 1120, 2240, 4480 and 8960 minutes of storage capacity. The featured LED indicator always indicates of DVR’s operation mode. The instrument comes in a plastic case further making it handier. Amazingly the digital mini voice recorder also gives a calendar. So does your recorder need to get advanced?

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Is your Keychain digital voice recorder a complete package?

Is your Keychain digital voice recorder a complete package?

With Endoacustica’s key chain digital voice recorder, a perfectly disguised version is not an illusion any more. The round leather case device is specially designed for professionals looking for a handy portable product to record voice messages. High quality recording with an inbuilt microphone makes the product even more suitable for all times. The DVR serves a dual purpose enacting as a flash disc with saving and then finally transferring the data with the help of a USB port. The product can not only be connected but can be charged too with a USB port. The DVR’s multilingual software facilitates working with windows 2000 XP / OS. It also includes a hi-tech voice activating system which helps eliminate in between pauses or halts and therefore increasing the actual recording time. The working mode can be easily monitored via a LED indicator.

Security is another area of concern; the access to recorded data and settings are protected with a password preventing any leak of information and altered device operations respectively. A wide variety of models are available to suit individual needs of internal memory or frequency ranges. Endoacustica, keeping into account the external physical factors such as temperature, vibration and mist have built the voice recorder particularly with immovable parts. Further, the key chain digital voice recorder is a complete package with the provision of a clock and a calendar easing out hassles. So do you think your recorder is a fair deal?

Are you aware of Rechargeable voice recorder?

Are you aware of Rechargeable voice recorder?

It is a common observation that despite of hi-tech equipments and caution sometimes the products don’t work at the time of need. Simply saying no and indicating battery hassles. But not anymore with the most advantageous innovation of all times, the rechargeable voice recorder. Endoacustica considering the issues have developed a newer voice recorder with inbuilt rechargeable batteries. With booming heights in the field of global communication the product has surely settled things to ease and comfort. With an inbuilt highly sensitive microphone the product supports longer quality recording time. The voice activation system is another ground of appreciation, it helps compressing halts and silence periods while recording further utilizing the maximum memory space and thus extending actual recording. Aided with the software, the sound files are finally stored in wav format which later can be saved on a pc with the provided adapter.

Considering vibration, dusty atmosphere and variable temperature range the voice recorder is imparted an immobile infrastructure. With the capacity to store messages to linear buffers and the internal memory volume regulation via circular buffers, each message is automatically recorded with the mention of the actual date and time. Fascinatingly, with an intelligent application of the interface constructor in the software the device can be programmed accordingly. Further, the rechargeable voice recorder do aids password protection on all the voice data transfers resolving security issues too. With so much latest to add on the package at affordable prices the product is a must buy.

Usage of Digital Voice Recorder in different walk of life

Usage of Digital Voice Recorder in different walk of life

With the introduction of modern telecommunication, the mankind across the globe has been benefited a lot. In our day to day life, we have now been accustomed with electronic communication like cell phones and emails. Except extremely important documentations, or exceedingly inevitable papers called as tissue papers, we are literally becoming ‘paperless’.And in this stream of paperless life, one more gadget has become inevitable, that is ‘Digital Voice Recorder (DVR)’. This DVR is highly sensitive with built-in microphone. These digital sound recorder series operate between 300 to 3400 Hz. frequency bands; and the sample rate 8000 kHz. in flash memory. DVRs can be connected with our computers through USB support, with the help of small adapter.

The DVR is useful for personal as well as professional use. The author pours his sound in the DVR as quick as he imagines the substance or the theme of his story. Lawyer dictates his plea in the DVR for subsequent transcription by his assistance. Thousands of professional in the different walks of live are now using these DVRs with the models varying their record time right from 150 to 600 hours.Software compatible to Windows 2000/Xp OS is provided for the voice recorder; which makes it possible to use it in the form of 128-2048 MB flash disc, setting DVR parameters. The voice activation system (VAS) incorporated in the software saves the memory during pauses, thus increasing the length of record time.

The DVR suits well to broad band of temperatures, dust and even conditions of shaking. It doesn’t have any moving parts. The weightless device of weighing just around 5 gm., the DVR is small in size too. Its dimensions in mm are 25.5 * 50 * 4. EM Digital Voice Recorder, B7 model has unique features. It is an excellent model of DVR. It doesn’t need any special equipment and can be operated safely in different kind of environments. Moreover it offers recording capability on two channels simultaneously. DVRs from SM (using Smart Media) and SF (using Smart Flash) make use external flash memories and their Smart cards have different capacities; whereas all other DVRs have built-in flash memories.While in operation, its battery life is 14 hours; and it is one month in its standby mode. The voice storage capacity of these Digital Voice recorders varies from 18.7, 37.3, 74.7 to 149.3 hours.

Digital Voice Recorder for everyone

Digital Voice Recorder for everyone

Keychain version of tiny Digital Voice Recorder unlocks the needs and convenience of users. The science and technology are changing with astronomical speed. The journey from floppy to compact disc to pen drive is mind boggling. There are certain applications of these gadgets which don’t allow us big space, more particularly when we are traveling and wish to use such electronic devises, it’s not practical to carry bigger versions.

EM Digital Voice Recorder (DVR) has introduced a tiny model A21. It can conveniently be carried in our trouser pocket as shape and size is very small. Wonderful feature of A21 DVR is its portability. The round shaped leather case keychain model is widely used by professionals to record their voice messages in flash memory. The technical features are unique. EM-DVR-A21 has long record time, extremely responsive built-in microphone, and built-in clock and calendar; and it can be started with timer. It doesn’t have any moving part hence is adaptable to vibrations, slight temperature variations, dust etc. It –consumes less power.

The software used in it is Windows 2000/OS and XS savvy, and user friendly. The so called friendliness is elaborated below: Without losing its clarity and high efficiency the DVR and its efficient Li-Pol battery can be charged from USB port. The cable has been provided to connect it to the port.

The software facilitates to save the recorded voice messages as standard sound files. With its voice activation system (VAS), it compresses the pauses in the lines, saving its memory as well as recording time. While downloading the records into the computer, pauses length is restored. Flash of LED denotes that DVR is in working mode. In this tiny model, digital signature of bona fide user as well as password facility saves it from unauthorized tampering.

Multilingual support too is provided with the DVR software. And the key factor of this keychain model of digital voice recorder is that it is available in 18.70 to 298.70 hours recording time. No wonder that this gismo shall catch the fancy of the users across the world.

Talk on the phone, while filming what is going on around you

Bluetooth DVR

In the audio and video surveillance field, it is vital not to cause any kind of possible suspicion in the people being kept under observation. To achieve this, it is important to provide yourselves with tools that allow gathering of information in a discreet way and without arising any unnecessary attention and which do not obviously look like a recorder, a hidden microphone or a videocamera.

And this is exactly when a Bluetooth earphone DVR might turn out useful. At a first glance it looks just like your ordinary earphone, but on the inside it contains a miniature video camera with an embedded video recorder. This hidden camera is capable of recording videos in 640×480 resolution, which are saved on the embedded USB memory card with a 4 Gb capacity.

This results in the possibility of storing up to 2 hours of video footage, to be downloaded on your PC via USB cable. The lithium battery allows for a maximum continuous recording time of approximately 100 minutes.

A device like this is perfect for situations where privacy is a must, for example evidence gathering by law enforcement or detective agencies, Just clip it on the front pocket of your jacket or shirt, or on your trousers’ belt, and you will be able to start recording with just one touch. Other possible options include recording during concerts or lectures, or point-of-view recordings during a bicycle race or a ski downhill.

In short, you can use this miniature video camera in a million ways, even as… an earphone for your mobile!

Heavy or dangerous jobs? Delegate them… to a robot!


When precision and reliability must be absolute and beyond doubt, and the slightest error can cost dearly, we humans always face, like it or not, the possibility of an error. And if this error can even cost us our life, a wise move can be resorting to technology, more specifically robotics.

To handle dangerous or hazardous vibration-sensitive materials, for mine sweeping in war zones, for recovery of casualties or wounded soldiers, to transfer patients from one department to the other in a hospital, to inspect unstable buildings, and in short for any kind of job that might be too dangerous for a human, or where one needs to be firm and delicate at the same time, Vecna Robotics is working on the project of a robot called BEAR.

The exclusive technology governing BEAR is made up of three main elements: a powerful hydraulically-controlled upper body; a motion platform with independent “legs”; and last but not least, a dynamic balance system. Thanks to the combination of these three elements, BEAR can guarantee an absolute balancing in any operating condition.

BEAR is currently in advanced planning status, and a prototype has been built, which was demonstrated at several international exhibitions where one had the chance to witness a demonstration of its capabilities under different operating conditions and in various positions.

The BEAR project has received funding from Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC) of the US Army.


Watch BEAR Video HERE

Ever dynamic Digital micro recorders


With an attempt to make undercover investigations an absolute success many lay their hands on the latest digital micro recorders, they have given a sharp edge to the term with avant-garde innovative camouflages used and modulated them from time to time to continue the sweet fruit shower without culprit notice. Variety is the demand to completely outrage the cunning, impertinent and shrewd crooks working with calibrated cautious minds to break all barriers and accomplish goals. The latest based on the technology of semi conductors are shaped up variedly with different recording potential as per required either by situation or individual.

The digital pen recorder, key ring recorders along with other tiny models top the chart and can be applied almost anywhere easily. Many equipped with password protection, microphones, earphones, voice sensitivity with expandable memory for security, sound quality, privacy, power saving and storage respectively serve beyond boundaries and expectations.

Most working in a frequency range of about 300 to 3400 Hz stores information either in mp3 or WAV format aiding obvious ease and download to a computer with quality recording. Apart from secret agents and police personnel’s, the micro recorders are too widely used by professionals and business men to either keep a record for reference or else by students to bypass the tiring note making process during lectures making things a hassle free job in turn imparting more knowledge and in Toto coverage of all the information and discussions.

Your personal assistant: micro recorder

Keeping pace with the hectic present day schedules is tiring and it is even more hard and messy these days to maintain a note of everything which may be needed sooner or later for reference or record. Though manual help has been serving millions since years we can think of but still a loophole of human error can’t be sidelined or ignored, this is where the technology comes into play with handy wieldy micro recorders apt to record conversations, speeches, conferences, even intellectual lectures leaving a narrow escape and running fairly smooth with acclaimed benefits.

With the advent of telephone micro recorders in hi-tech electronic niche telephonic conversation can too be recorded. Advancing further in the phone recorders are the hastening features including automatic voice recorder, microphone sensitivity, safety lock, 4 track recording system, comprehensible architecture, and high quality two speed recording with affordable price and with range of variety available to suit everyone’s claimed demand.

The latest versions even support an option for earphones for amplified effects, clarity of sound and privacy respectively. Its less troublesome maintenance and salubrious aftermaths has made it quite popular in high schools and colleges, where students can concentrate on the topics and discussions away from wholesome concept of scribbling pens throughout, in tension to figure out correct words and missed details making it a struggle rather than a knowledgeable session. This utility in all intellectual fields has yielded fruitful results that can be relied for future references.