Too many unwanted calls? Don’t change your number, change your voice!

Too many unwanted calls? Don’t change your number, change your voice!

We all happened to have to deal with unwanted phone calls, either of a business or personal nature. It’s not exactly pleasant to receive a call while you are in the shower, crawl out, and answer the phone just to find out that it’s just another telemarketing operator calling us for the umpteenth time to sell us something that we don’t really need, or a person we do not really have the time (or the mood) to talk to.

Sometimes, especially if the person who receives the call is a woman, and in particular if she is living alone, unwanted calls might turn into a real harassment, in some cases even of a sexual nature. To protect yourselves from these fastidious calls, there is a technological remedy, an electronic voice changer.

The name says it all: a voice changer is a device that allows you to change the sound of your voice when you answer the phone, either landline or mobile. A woman picking up the phone, for example, might sound like an older man, a child or a boy, while a man can turn his voice into that of a woman, in a completely natural way.

Voice changing devices work on the frequencies of the human voice, manipulating them electronically in a totally natural way, without adding a metallic sound, You just select the kind of voice you want to sound like, and you will be free from molesters, salespersons, creditors and so on.

Furthermore, thanks to a voice changer you will be able to add some background noises or sounds, such as the sound of a doorbell, a barking dog or a crying baby, which will give you a perfect excuse to hang up on an unwanted call. So, if you don’t want to change your phone number… just change your voice!