A GPS locator specifically designed for kids, to track them down anytime

Child GPS

For concerned parents, worried at the idea that their pre-teen kids might end up in trouble due to their natural curiosity and penchant for exploration, Brick House Security has just created Amber Alert, a small GPS sensor, practical and easy to use, which gives concerned parents the opportunity to know at any time the whereabouts of the person wearing it, thus intervening in time if their kids are about to get themselves into some unpleasant situation.

Along with a small GPS antenna, Amber Alert also features a SIM card just like the one you have on your cellphone, All you have to do is place the locator in your son’s coat pocket, or in his school backpack. In case of need, you will just have to send a text message to the phone number connected to the SIM card, and you will promptly receive an SMS reply, showing the exact geographical coordinates and the address of the place where your son is right now.

Furthermore, if your phone is equipped with map software, you will be able to display the exact position in graphic mode. In order to avoid losing it accidentally, Amber Alert can be also placed on a bracelet or a belt, so that the kid will wear it at all times. It is currently for sale only in the US, at a price of 379 dollars, and it also features a hotline subscription.

For other types of GPS trackers, not only for children, but also for pets, objects or elders suffering of diseases such as Alzheimer, you can visit the Endoacustica site for further information.