Are you being harassed on the phone at all times? Change your voice!

Are you being harassed on the phone at all times? Change your voice!

As we know, in your life you cannot always trust all the people you meet, and sometimes you may happen to give your phone number to persons who later prove unworthy of your trust, and may even end up harassing or threatening you by phone, at any time of day or night.

This kind of occurrence is happening more frequently to women, especially if they are living alone, who might become the subject of unwanted attention not only from hard-headed telemarketing operators, but also from stalkers or sexually-oriented molesters.

To protect yourselves from this kind of trouble, you may want to have a voice changer at home. It is a device that, when connected to your phone line (but there are also models for mobile phones), allows you to speak normally with your voice, while changing it according to standard presets, so that the person on the other side will believe that he is talking to an adult man, a boy or a girl, or even an elderly or a child!

The voice is changed by electronically working on the frequencies of the human voice, in a completely natural way, without metallic sounds as it may be the case with voice synthesizers, and the person you are talking to will not suspect that the child he hears is actually a man, a woman or what else.

You can also add sound effects such as the bark of a dog or a buzzer ringing, thus giving you the opportunity of putting an end to an unwanted call.
In short, a lonely woman will be safe, without changing her identity, but just changing… her voice!