If your phone calls are important, your phone must be invisible!

If your phone calls are important, your phone must be invisible!

No need to think about George Orwell and his Big Brother, but we all know that the modern technologies, which allow us to be constantly in touch with our loved ones, our work and our interests, also have some disadvantages to them.
This is because, naturally, if our peers and our colleagues are able to know where we are at any time, it is thanks to the very same communication system which puts us in touch with them.

The same information, though, may end up into the wrong hands, and electronic tracks of our phone calls might be used against us; in fact, especially if these calls contain sensitive material under a financial, political or military point of view, one should always keep in mind that he is at risk of being eavesdropped.

To protect yourselves from such risk, without giving up your freedom, and talking freely on your mobile phone, the best solution is certainly the option of using an invisible cellphone, which can not be detected by any eavesdropping devices.

The Stealth Phone works by keeping in mind a simple concept: it is not the phone number that can be intercepted; it is rather the handset you are using to talk. So, if you are under surveillance, changing the SIM card on your mobile phone will not save you from being listened to, as eavesdropping is carried out based on the IMEI number of your phone, that is, the unique number which identifies every mobile phone in the world.

Therefore, if you need to have conversations of an extremely confidential nature, changing the SIM card on your handset could prove useless, if not counterproductive, as you might end up revealing your secrets to prying ears interested in using them against you, while you erroneously believe that you are free to talk.

Stealth, thanks to a software installed on the handset, a modified version of a Siemens S65 phone, works on the IMEI number of the phone itself, by generating new numbers upon request or automatically, every day, after each phone call or whenever you want.
By doing this, intercepting your conversations would be basically impossible, as anyone who wants to listen in would not be able to use the original IMEI of your phone.

For further protection, anyway, the software installed on Stealth is also equipped with a sort of firewall, which in the unlikely event of an eavesdropping attempt, will immediately notify you with an alert on your phone display. At that point, all you have to do is change the IMEI number, and you will be able to resume talking freely.

If anyone is willing to intercept your conversations, theoretically, they should be able to get to know all IMEI numbers used by your Stealth Phone, which is impossible as the numbers are generated automatically, which means that thanks to your invisible cellphone you will be 100% protected from unauthorized listeners.

It is worth noting, though, that if the person on the other side is under surveillance and his phone is being intercepted, it will be possible to listen to your conversations as well. So if you are running an important and confidential business, a good advice for your partners would be to get themselves the same level of protection: a conversation between two Stealth Phones is the absolute maximum security, and no one will ever be able to listen to it!

Stealth Phone is marketed by Endoacustica, one of the market leaders in security and surveillance, with several years of experience at your disposal.