Real time wireless city surveillance, at a low cost!

Until a few years ago, video surveillance systems could almost only be found in banks, museums, embassies and government institutions in general. In the most recent years though, because of the increasing number of terrorist threats and not only, surveillance cameras have become a common sight, as they are now vital in order to keep a high security level in the streets of our cities.

Obviously, along with technological advancement, cameras’ characteristics change accordingly, not only as far as the technical features are concerned, but mostly regarding saving in terms of cost. For example, the Taiwan-based manufacturer Korenix has recently been working on the installation of a city surveillance network, operated via their JetNet 3705 switch.

JetNet 3705 is a router that, along with data transmission, also supplies power to the cameras connected, thus allowing a saving in terms of space and cost, while making life easier for those who manage the cameras’ network operation.

For example, in one of the networks installed by Korenix, jetNet 3705 was used to power cameras mounted on street lamps, and to transmit the images captured to the central operations room via an uplink port, thus saving on installation and cabling for the entire system.

Thanks to its hard case heat-dispersing shell, it is capable of operating at a wide range of temperatures (between -20 and +70 degrees Celsius); this makes it a perfect solution for real time management of security in our cities, in any weather.