Total control, at any distance: become a secret agent


Since Cold War times, surveillance technology has taken giant leaps forward, by launching on the market some listening devices which are getting more and more sophisticated, more powerful, and always smaller. On the other hand, the trend of these spy devices’ cost is inversely proportional.

Nowadays, in fact, covert listening devices have a price that is definitely more affordable for anyone, and the downward trend of prices goes along with a higher user-friendliness of these bugs, which makes it possible for anyone to plant and use listening devices, without necessarily having to be an expert or a techie.

Depending on the different surveillance needs that one may have, there are several types of listening devices, from bugs that can be installed inside electricity switch boxes or connected to the landline phone lines, to spy pens that you can keep in the front pocket of your jacket or of your shirt, to GSM bugs, which conceal inside them a SIM card, just like the one you have on your common mobile phone, and can make you listen to the conversations taking place around them, no matter where you are, directly on your mobile phone.

Depending on the type of covert listening device that you are using, the possible applications are practically limitless: from surveillance of suspects to monitoring of conversations within your office, from eavesdropping of a suspected cheating spouse to the struggle against organized crime, whatever your need in the surveillance field,  can help you find the right solution.