Are you jumbled up with outdated Transceivers?

Are you jumbled up with outdated Transceivers?

A couple of years ago, the transceiver was simply defined a dual combination of a transmitter and a receiver; both functioning with same circuits or a single housing. Depending on their capacity to receive and transmit signals they are designated as half duplex and full duplex, i.e. an instrument which enabled both transmission and reception at same time are termed full duplex and others which cant are half duplex. A cord or cordless telephone, mobile phone, modem, walkie talkie were or rather are a few examples of transceivers.. Though with constant technological rise, their utilization has extended deep enough in the spheres of aeronautics, audio surveillance and security. Endoacustica, the pioneers of the surveillance field, has not only upgraded but at the same time has made things very handy to use. With their consistent hard work, the line between professional and amateur, high and low end just got faint.

Endoacustica transceivers with greater performance at an affordable price have attracted many with keen interest. The latest to add is the mini digital aeronautic VHF band receiver which facilitates to receive all signals from the ground, towers and airplanes while flying. Next on the list comes the dual band transceivers apt to work at both VHF and UHF band, full duplex and featured with LCD display exceeding to the farthest from all competitive products. So, if you feel stuck in outdated transceivers then you surely have a name “Endoacustica” to rescue all odds and keep you in a foreground.

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