It looks like a scene from a James Bond movie: imagine two spies, placed on two adjacent roofs or mountain peaks and equipped with binoculars to look around, who can use these very binoculars not only to look, but also to talk to each other!

It may look like science fiction, but it is already reality, as the US armed forces are using the LightSpeed binoculars, which aside from watching, can be used also for transmitting video and voice information, via an infrared LED beam, towards a twin device within a 5km range.

Data transmission via light beams guarantees a higher level of security when compared to radio communication, as the latter is constantly under threat of interferences and eavesdropping, especially in military operation areas, for this reason, the LightSpeed binocular is useful not only for covert operations in war zones, but also, for example, in air traffic control, to exchange information in airports flooded with radio transmissions coming from aircraft.

Thanks to this system, communicating remotely will be nice and easy. Just picture yourself on the top of the roof of a city building, while your mate is on a building nearby. Now you just look at each other, and thanks to the LED infrared beam, impossible to detect for any surveillance equipment, you can talk to each other and exchange information in real time. Comfortable, huh?

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