Audio Recorder As Remote Control For Concealment

Audio Recorder As Remote Control For Concealment

Plain sight can be the best camouflage sometimes. Objects can be well hidden right under your nose, and you won’t even expect them to be there. That is the principle this audio recorder has been designed upon. The recorder has been concealed inside a remote control to ensure perfect disguise for this spying setup. Moreover, the recorder has a long battery backup and can record audio for 300 hours straight(12 days). Without the need for replacing battery or the memory card. 

The recorder features a very sensitive microphone that can detect and record sounds from as far as 10 metres. The automatic gain control(AGC) feature modulates the microphone detection to record sound in best quality, regardless of its intensity. This feature comes in handy when the speaker is either too close or far from the microphone. The AGC function can either be user controlled, or you can use the fixed microphone gain. 

The recorder has a maximum recording time of about 26000 minutes(18 days straight) when equipped with a 4 Gb memory card on minimal frequency settings. This allows you to plant the recorder for longer durations in places where deep investigation is needed. The recorder has a signal-to-noise ratio of 65dB which is excellent and better than most mediocre audio recording systems. 

The audio recorder has a wide range of recording sample rate ranging between 5.5kHz to 22kHz. You can adjust the sample rate depending upon the duration of recording. Since a higher sample rate will eventually mean more consumption of battery and memory, and a lesser but high quality recording duration. 

It can be connected via any PC using a simple USB data cable. The in-built software is quite simple and intuitive to use, and allows you to access the files with ease. Since the audio is recorded and stored in wav format, you don’t need any special media player to listen to the files. The software also allows you to set recording schedules based upon dates or time. This helps with saving battery power, and recording only important fragments of audio when needed. 

The recorder needs four 1.5V PR44 batteries and one micro SDHC (class 6) memory card for operation. It is compact, lightweight and can be easily concealed. Making it great for spying over your spouse, kids, employees(especially in the automotive and logistics sector) and gathering evidence for criminal activities. 

You can check out the link below for more details and the latest price and offers.   Digital voice recorder hidden in a standard remote control case