Land line audio recorder

Land line audio recorder

Do you want to record your landline calls? If yes, then check this professional landline recorder that makes it possible to record and listen to the recorded calls.

The micro recorder is extremely user-friendly and can be easily installed in offices, hotel rooms, and home, etc.

The telephone voice recorder, EN-TELREC comes up with a live listening system. Non-Stop recordings can be recorded for more than a month. The micro recorder has an expandable memory up to32 GB. The memory can be expanded by Micro SD card. This landline recorder is used to do audio monitoring of a telephone line. It is capable of storing uninterrupted files for more than a month.

The is not the only function of this device, the jaw-dropping feature of this recorder is that you can insert the telephonic sim card in it and listen to all calls either received or made by the telephone in real-time. When the receiver of the telephone is lifted then this recorder make call to master number that is already set. What you have to do is to just answer the call and get into the recorded call and you can listen to that call easily from the office, home or wherever you are.

This telephone voice recorder will record every single received and dialed call from the landline telephone even you are listening to it or not. This professional voice recorder continuously records the calls for a whole month in a row.

The device exactly looks like an ADSL filter and does not require any other external hardware. You can listen and record any incoming and outgoing calls by just connecting the device into the telephone line.

The voice recorder has both automatic and manual configuration recording systems and after recording, the device generates the WAV file and stores it in the micro SD card, which can be easily downloaded to your pc and you can easily listen that with any media player.


It can be easily installed on any telephone line. The recording has both automatic and manual mode to set on. Live call listening. It support micro SD card which can be expended up to 32 GB. It supports the loop recording system which makes it possible to record continuous calls in an optimized way. It records the files in WAV file format. The files can be easily played by any multimedia player in the pc.

Our support continues after the purchase. Our team will be there for you to give proper guidance. They will answer your questions about the recorder and will guide you to install and access the recorded files.

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