GSM bugs, the new frontier of unlimited distance surveillance

GSM bugs, the new frontier of unlimited distance surveillance

Thanks to the increasing miniaturization of surveillance technologies, electronic devices that once we might have only seen on the big screen on a James Bond movie, have now become possible and widely used.
For example, the GSM bug is born when miniaturized audio technology for surveillance meets mobile phones.

In short, GSM bugs are miniature microphones connected to an equally small transmitting unit. Generally the latter is a radio transmitter, but in this case the transmission job is carried out by a SIM card, just like the ones for common mobile phones, which also retains most of the features of a cellphone.
By doing this, practically, we are talking about a listening device (the so-called bug) on steroids, with an operating range no longer limited by the power of its radio transmitting unit, but boosted to reach the whole world, wherever a GSM mobile phone network is present. This system transmits the eavesdropped conversations no longer via radio, but, with an automated phone call, towards the mobile phone of the person controlling the surveillance operation; by doing this, you do not need to be nearby, but you can listen to these conversations while literally being on the other side of the world.

Also, the bug’s parameters and features (automated transmission thanks to voice activation sensor, fixed-time transmission, device reset and so on) can be set remotely, via an SMS sent by the controlling number.

Thanks to GSM bugs you will be able to follow the person under surveillance anywhere, for example by placing it into his car, and you will be able to listen in, wherever you are.

With such characteristics, it is suitable for law enforcement agencies, to gather evidence against suspects of various kinds. For more details you can visit our site at Endoacustica.