All remote controls in your life… on your mobile phone!

Everything in our life seems to be operated by a remote control: at home we have one for the TV set, one for our DVD player, another one for our stereo and so on; in our car we have a remote to open the car itself, one for the alarm and another one for the garage door. Of course then, both at home and in our car we keep our cellphone handy, you never know who might be calling you…
There is enough to go crazy, maybe trying to pick up a phone call on your DVD player’s remote control (I know my stuff, sometimes I try to make calls on my computer mouse!). But this can not happen if your remote controls are all inside your cellphone!

Thanks to the ever increasing versatility of latest generation smartphones, it is possible to integrate them with objects that we use every day. In this respect, we have an example in AV Shadow and Garage Shadow, two systems that allow your BlackBerry to communicate respectively with remote-controlled domestic appliances, and with the gate of your garden or garage.

Thanks to these small boxes, with an equally small price (between 40 and 100 dollars), connected via Bluetooth with your phone, you will need not worry for your kids or pets to hide your TV remote, because it will always be near you, on your phone.

Furthermore, Garage Shadow can automatically open your garage, as soon as it detects your mobile phone within its range. Therefore, if you are talking on the phone and can not open the gate, your phone will do it for you!