Has innovation touched your hidden camera?

Has innovation touched your hidden camera?

With years of fruitful services, a hidden camera has grabbed a mushrooming place in the spy, investigation and security industry. It is regarded as one of the basics when it comes to a spy tool kit. Endoacustica considering its potential use has struggled hard to realise newer tools utilizing the hidden apparatus with latest innovative trends. Reserving intact a hidden camera is the Endoacustica’s hi-tech version mini-dvr, including a high resolution camera along with an integrated recorder in pack as big as a chewing gum packing. The equipment has surpassed technology and innovation at par.

The 50 gram tool is very handy, ideal for motion recording, and thus can be easily planted on a car, bike or clothes to in store every detail leaving aside all prevalent odds. The device is designed to support a 320 minutes of recording when aided with an external 8 GB micro SD card. Moving ahead is the built-in microphone which facilitates to pick up even the slightest friction in the adjacent surroundings. Mini-dvr has made things easy going for journalists, who used to strangle really hard with weighty and messy tactics to film the needful. So much so the tool is equipped with a bracket for less troublesome installation. With continuous battery working time of 100 minutes the integrated video recorder and Endoacustica hidden camera is an absolute bliss. So take a look at your camera and compare to keep an intelligent check on the ever rising newer variety.

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