Is the latest GSM interceptor bliss to spies?

Is the latest GSM interceptor bliss to spies?

Audio surveillance is a broad and comprehensive field that encompasses many functions in society’s and government’s efforts to control crime and fade out suspicion. Endoacustica enables to gain valuable understanding of all components of the field. Within the range of surveillance products, GSM interceptor has established a stable footing in the spying field. A GSM interceptor in simple words is defined as an advanced setup specially structured to monitor intercept encrypted GSM networks with all conversations, sms’s and even GPRS activities. The system works to focus on specific numbers monitoring and storing all their data thereafter. With Endoacustica team working thoroughly on the product has developed its hi-tech version with the name of GSM extra interceptor further enhancing its utilization. But its official use has to be legally authorised.

The product aids a solitary system to simultaneously monitor around 200 GSM networks, storing all information and two way conversation of a targeted number. The version is apt to work on 900 and 1800 MHz frequency range with facilities to auto or manual adjustment of perceiving tracks on receipt of signals. The spies with this latest version can track many suspects at a time, saving time and labour. The Endoacustica’s GSM interceptor is specially designed in the form of a suitcase infrastructure aiding easy transport and carriage also facilitating its global application and use.

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