Reading glasses for the 21st century

Reading glasses for the 21st century

Imagine yourselves as being able to read an entire book without holding it in your hands, or rather without having the book with you as it does not exist on paper. And imagine being able to do it not with your hands, but simply by moving your eyes or fluttering your eyelids.

The Fraunhofer Institut in Germany is developing a special kind of interactive glasses, capable of projecting an image, thanks to a miniaturized OLED display, directly into the retina of the wearer, who will see the image as if it were at a distance of approximately 1 meter.

It will also be possible to navigate through the information displayed, as well as moving objects on the screen, through the movement of your eyes or opening and shutting your eyelids. Thanks to an advanced microscopic pointing device, it will be possible to influence the displayed contents, just by moving your eyes.

These LED glasses, designed to provide information to people whose hands are busy and can not use a computer or a mouse, have applications in several fields.

For example in surgery, they can prove very useful in an operating room during an operation, or in the construction field to have the project you are working on always available, right before your eyes, we would say! And certainly, any student among you fellow readers, will already be thinking of how useful such a device can turn out during an exam!