Spying a suspect in a hotel: cold blood and technology

Spying a suspect in a hotel: cold blood and technology

When you are carrying out a surveillance and monitoring operation, you may happen to have to follow your suspect inside a hotel. In such cases, you must be extra careful and be as nondescript as possible, to avoid arising any unnecessary attention either from the suspect or the hotel staff.

The first step is obtaining the right hotel room, that is, the one next to your suspect’s. To do this, you will not need to leave a hefty tip to the concierge or receptionist as you may have seen in old spy movies: this would have the opposite effect, and the tipped staff member would wonder why you love that room so much. Remember, you will have to be as invisible as possible!

Therefore, the best advice to obtain that specific room is… asking if that room is available, period. And if the receptionist should ask you why you want THAT room, you can always answer by saying that “it’s your lucky number”, or that in that room you spent a night on a special occasion and so on. Giving fewer details means being less visible, and having less trouble.

Once you reach your famous “right room”, it’s time to jump into the action. Once again, forget movie scenes of secret agents sneaking into the suspect’s room while the guy is taking a shower or such things. You will preferably have to wait for him to leave the room, and at this point you will just need a silenced drill, and make a tiny hole, just 2.5 mm wide, in which you will place an optical fiber endoscope.

It is a tool which, thanks to the characteristics of optical fibers, which guarantee a clean signal transmission along with a tiny size, allows, through a microscopic lens on one end of an optical cable, to monitor any movements inside a room with a visual range of 55 degrees. Basically, it will be like having a peephole pointed towards the inside of a room, and not the other way around.

In this moment, you are capable of following all of your suspect’s movements inside his room; so, if for example he is a drug dealer, you will be able to record footage of all his illegal activities by connecting your endoscope to a small digital video recorder, to download the footage on your computer and use it as evidence.

The next stage will be, listening to your suspect’s conversations. In this case, you will not need to drill any hole, all you need Is a wall microphone. In short, a wall microphone is the technologically advanced version of your doctor’s stethoscope.

In fact, it is made up of two piezo-ceramic sensors, similar to the ones that we all know well from our doctor, which on the inside contain ultra-sensitive microphones, connected to an audio amplifier which enhances their sensitivity, making it possible to listen through a wall. All this can be connected to a digital audio recorder, to gather further evidence to be used before a court of law.

Thanks to all these technologically advanced devices, you will be able to operate without arising any unwanted attention. At this point, all you have to do is sit back, open your room’s minibar, order room service, lie down on your hotel bed, put your earphones on and you will have all the time to listen to your neighbor!