Spy Phone, a technologically advanced solution against organized crime

Spy Phone, a technologically advanced solution against organized crime

Often the efficiency of the judiciary system is hampered by laws, such as for example the bill that is being discussed in Italy about eavesdropping, which limit investigation capabilities from law enforcement, actually doing a favor to organized crime, money launderers and criminals of various kinds.

To be sure to gather as much evidence as possible in the shortest possible time, police officers must be equipped with the suitable equipment, such as for example the Spy Phone. The core of this system is a software which can be installed on any modern generation mobile phone, and once it is installed, it remains completely invisible.

Thanks to this tool, you will be able to remotely monitor, from your normal cellphone, all the suspect’s activities: for example you can receive an SMS notification as soon as the monitored phone receives or places a call, and listen in without being noticed, in real time.

You can also receive a copy of all SMS messages, both received and sent, and a list of telephone and SMS traffic. And it’s not over: you can use the spy mobile phone as if it were a bug, even while it is turned off, and by simply calling it you will be able to listen, through the handset’s microphone, to all conversations taking place around it!

Naturally all this, and more, happens in a completely invisible fashion, and any communication between the controlling number and the spy handset is neither displayed nor stored in the memory, while no visible signs of activity, such as the glowing of the display when a call is received, are given out. And if this software is installed on a phone equipped with GPS positioning system, you will also be able to track down the movements of the person under surveillance, a perfect tool to frame a dangerous criminal, to gather evidence of unlawful transactions and so on.

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