A watch, a phone, a bug or… all of them?

GSM Watch

The mobile phone marketplace offers a wide range of choices among thousands of different models with different features and characteristics, different design and different operating software, but in the end, it all revolves around a range of standard features.
There are dual, tri- and quadri-band phones, with or without camera, with or without radio, with or without Internet access or Bluetooth protocol, with or without MP3 player. In short, these are the characteristics playing a role in the choice of a cellphone.

But if the cellphone is not a phone, or better, does not look like one, the story is different. Here we are talking about a GSM Watch, that is, a device which at first sight looks like a normal wrist watch, but on the inside can house a SIM card, just like the one of your normal mobile phone.

On top of this, it contains a miniature microphone, is equipped with a USB plug for connection to your PC, and an internal hard drive. Furthermore, it can also work in Bluetooth protocol, teamed up with a wireless micro earpiece.
Thanks to these features, you will have at your disposal, within a few centimeters, a full set for covert listening operations, made up of watch, cellphone, audio recorder and micro bug, perfect for recording and transmission of conversations taking place around you.

The GSM bug phone can be used for example by law enforcement or detective agencies, for gathering of audio evidence that can be stored on the internal hard drive, downloaded on your PC thanks to the USB cable, and used before a court of law; other possible applications are surveillance of suspected or convicted criminals, and infiltrating organized crime gangs.