Maybe you might sweat a bit… but protected from electromagnetic fields!

Protective Cloth

Let’s face the truth: a fabric that protects us from electromagnetic fields or radiations is not exactly everyone’s idea of “fashionable dress”, but on the other hand, a fashionable and fancy dress would be of little or no use on our workplace, if during the course of our work we are exposed to radiations or electromagnetic waves.

Of course we are not talking about clothes that you would wear at a fashion party or a movie premiere, but about fabrics which can safeguard your health. The anti radiation fabric, or anti EMF (electromagnetic fields) fabric, is mainly used to produce protective clothes to be used, for example, in the X-ray department of a hospital, in chemical labs which are handling radioactive, corrosive or magnetic material, and so on.

Furthermore, if not used for working clothes, it is suitable for coating and shielding of walls or windows, or as a protective curtain in work environments that need to be isolated from electromagnetic fields, airwaves or radioactivity, or to prevent static electricity from forming.

There are several types available, depending on the kind of risk one is exposed to, and with different characteristics of protection and resistance, for example, to extreme temperatures (from -30 to +200) which can be cut and sewn just like a normal sartorial fabric; some types are actually so light to resemble a normal sartorial fabric.
So, you could actually look good at a party with such clothes, without giving up your protection. The only question would be: at what kind of party would you need to wear a protective dress?