Wi-fi Enabled and Programmable Digital Audio Recorder

Wi-fi Enabled and Programmable Digital Audio Recorder

While most audio recorders require manual access for modifications and downloading files, some come with receivers for distant control. But imagine how amazing it would be, if you can control your audio recorder using the internet. This small but effective voice recorder works on the same principle.

The recorder features a compact body with an ultra sensitive knowless microphone, and a wi-fi bridge module to connect to the internet. The best part of using this recorder is that you can access the recording live just by connecting to the website . The recorder can send over about 1 hour of recordings in just 14 seconds over the wi-fi, making it even more effective. 

The sophisticated Vorbis Ogg compression ensures ultra clear recordings and proper noise cancellation. The recorder is ideal for situations where manual access is not convenient, or the recordings have to gathered and used live. Although the function of the recorder is not just limited to wi-fi connectivity, as it features a 128 Gb SD card which also records the audio for backup and later access. 

The recordings can either be sent directly over wi-fi, or the recorder can be programmed for a schedule based upon date or time. Moreover, it also features selectable periods for each day of the week. The recorder can also be programmed over the internet for schedules and other settings using the wi-fi. 

This compact audio recorder also features a voice activation feature which turns off the recorder when no sound is detected. This helps eliminate possible detection of the recorder against frequency detection devices, which are widely used by high level security agencies for scouring potential places of electronic devices. Meaning that you can use it for the most sophisticated investigations. 

This wi-fi based audio recorder also uses and automatic digital signature function which encrypts the audio files while sending them over wi-fi. This digital signature is mandatory for authentication while accessing the files, and greatly improves security against unauthorized access. 

The recorder can capture audio at a sample rate of 8kHz, 16kHz, 44kHz. Which can be modulated depending upon your desired recording duration and audio quality. 

Overall, this is a great audio recorder for covert operations where instant and secure transfer of files among different computers is needed. The wi-fi based operation ensures that you share audio files almost instantly. Plus the protection against frequency detection devices makes it even more discreet.

You can check out the link below for more details and the latest price and offers.   Wi-fi Enabled and Programmable Digital Audio Recorder