A1 The smallest digital voice recorder

A1 The smallest digital voice recorder

Spying can sometimes become very extensive and may last for days if not weeks. Whether you are spying on a cheating partner, treacherous employees or even on your kids for parental control. Most small voice recorders have a battery backup lasting not more than four to five days, or even a week. But when that’s not enough, this small digital voice recorder comes in. It is the smallest digital audio recorder in the world, with an operational runtime of about a month

Measuring just over a couple of centimetres, this voice recorder is extremely small for effective concealment. You can plant it under tables, chairs, couches, car seats, plant pots, and any other suitable place you can think of. The powerful microphone of this recorder can detect sound from as far as 10 metres, and records it in high quality. The sample rate of recording can be set to a maximum of 44Khz for highest quality recording. 

The A1 recorder also supports automatic gain control(AGC) to eliminate noise, maintain the same level of amplification for sound and ensure a clear and best grade recording of audio. It can be switched on/off manually, or using the voice activated mode(VAS). This mode allows you to save on battery charge, and record only when sound is detected. 

It has its own in-built software which allows you to set recording schedules based upon date and time. All the audio recorded in this device is 128 bit encrypted to ensure prevention of unauthorized access if somebody finds it out. Moreover, the software offers a setting to prevent separate registrations. The recorder also includes a 32Gb SD card which can be changed easily without tools when needed. 

The recorder features a two part design with one part being the recording hardware and other being the 3.7V lithium battery. This battery provides a runtime of about a month on continuous usage. Making it perfect for recording extensive audio sessions in cases where deeper investigation is required 

Furthermore, the manufacturer provides options for customization of the battery. It can be set to record on specific times. Or it can be resized to specific dimensions to fit the mounting space with ease. Due to its modular design, the battery can be quickly replaced without disturbing the recorder’s position. 

The module can be operated using battery power or direct power supply. Hence it can be connected with a USB power cord and made to look like a normal electronic gadget at a workplace. 

The long battery backup, compact size and modular design make it an exceptional piece of equipment for discreetly recording audio.

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