Credit card shaped voice recorder review

Credit card shaped voice recorder review


Do you want to spy on someone with a professional device? A device that fits your pocket, but it is not affordable one. It records without even getting noticed. You can use this to spy someone. It can be used for business deals or any situation where you feel that the other person can step back from his words. It is a great and smart invention with a lot of smart features.

Let’s get into this smart credit card shaped voice recorder details. This trending voice recorder resembles to an ordinary credit card. This secret recorder records a highquality voice without getting noticed by the person you are spying at. This smart voice recorder ensures to record high-quality voice in a noisy environment too. And guess what? There are no buttons visible on the credit card device to make it like an ordinary credit card. This hidden spy voice recorder also has a remote controller to control recording.

This smart mini recorder has built-in memory and lithium polymer battery also known as Li-Pol. This latest voice recorder provides coverage up to 15m. It has up to 35 hours of battery life while recording and provides up to 150 hours in standby mode. Isn’t that amazing?

Let’s dive into the functionality of this smart voice recorder. The LED indicator turns on during recording. The indicator can be turned off if needed. To turn off the LED indicator you just have to swipe off your two fingers on the magnetic strip. The magnetic strip is located on the card. You can turn it off or on by the swipe of two fingers.

The spy recorder uses proprietary file system. It means that the spy recorder owns the file legally. The data saved in the recorder is highly secured. It has an option to protect the file through a ciphered password. When a user wants to access the file, it can be accessed by a digital signature. Unauthenticated users cannot have access to the recorded data. Only the owner of the smart recorder can access the data. The data is organized in date and time format.

The micro recorder itself keeps an eye on the battery and the memory. It provides 2 GB of memory. In case if the memory is full, there is an amazing feature supported by this mini voice recorder that doesn’t let you lose the file. This feature is called loop recording. Loop recording keeps on recording the audio even if it’s out of memory. It will replace the recording file with the oldest file in the memory so that you don’t lose the latest recording because of low memory. This smart recording device is cheap and affordable. Go and grab yours smart recorder!

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