Mini & Slim Spy Recorder Hideaway

Mini & Slim Spy Recorder Hideaway

Technology is evolving at a lightning-fast speed. We should know what the new trending technology is. Today, we are introducing a mini voice recording device. This professional voice recorder is going to amaze you. This digital audio recorder is one of its kind. This mini voice recorder is named as REC-12H. It is portable and easy to use. Let’s check out the details of this mini spy without any delay.

Usage: This smart voice recorder can be used to record audio of lectures, verbal notes for you, for meetings, for conversations and much more. It can also be used to carry files and documents as a flash drive. This device is 2 in 1. You can use as a voice recorder and a flash drive.

Features: This smart spy recorder is designed to record voice without getting caught or even getting noticed. It is only 12mm wide and 40mm in length. How cool is that!

Appearance: This smart tool is designed to record smartly. If we talk about the size, it is only 12mm wide and 40mm in length. How cool is that! If we talk about the appearance, most of the voice recorders have more than two buttons on them but this digital recorder has only one button on it. It records voice in very high quality up to 10 miles. This digital recorder records the voice very clearly. It supports WAV format to save the audio in high quality.

Storage: It has 8 GB of storage that can be used as a USB memory device too.

Access to the files: You can listen to the recorded filed directly from the device. Yes, you can plug in your hands-free to listen to the recording done by this amazing micro recorder. You can also transfer these files to your computer for your ease. You can easily manage the data.

Our Special Support: We provide special support to our beloved buyers. Our technical staff gets engaged with the clients to explain the product in case of any question. Our technical staff will give you complete guidance throughout the installation process. You will also get to know the usage of this amazing mini recorder. To get something good you have to spend some money. Don’t compromise with the quality. Buy good stuff to enjoy the best quality. Get this professional smart digital recorder and get in touch in case of any query.

You can check out the link below for more details and the latest price and offers.  Mini & Slim Spy Recorder Hideaway